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Turin Juventus can refuse continuation of judicial suit with Federation of football of Italy in exchange for the mitigation of punishment, appointed to club for participation in the organisation of contractual matches. We will remind that Juventus has been deprived two champion titles and it is translated from series A in series B in which it will begin performance with 17 - ochkovym the penalty. turintsy, aspiring to appeal against against a verdict, have passed all sports instances. But, without having become successful, have transferred business hearing to civil court. It has caused the extremely negative reaction FIFA which traditionally strongly objects against the permission of football affairs in courts of law. Federations of football of Italy were offered for convincing Juventus in that the command has stopped suit. Otherwise FIFA threatened to disqualify all Italian federation. Has reached that to Italians was necessary to transfer start of national superiority on two weeks.
it is possible, the parties nevertheless will manage to come to any agreement. On Wednesday the meeting in which have taken part head " has taken place; Juventus Giovanni Kobolli Dzhil, the president of the Olympic committee of Italy Dzhanni Petruchchi and the president of Federation of football Guido Rossi. They, as inform the Italian mass-media, have agreed that Juventus will withdraw all claims, and in exchange to it it will be reduced ochkovyj the penalty. So that turintsy could return to series A a year later.