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Middlesbrough has amplified last day a transfer window two players from Real and Chelsea . As informs the Air Forces, 26 - the summer Dzhonatan Vudgejt belonging madridtsam, will play for English club within a year as rent. In turn, the player of German national team Robert Hut who played until recently for Chelsea has signed with a command the five years` contract and has managed to it in £ 6 million Air Forces informs also that one more club English the prime minister - leagues - Newcastle has agreed with Manchester United about rent 19 - summer forward Juseppe Rossi.

Hamburg the Contender of CSKA on group tournament of draw of League of champions " has amplified Juan Pablo Sorinom
; Hamburg has got yesterday for $3,2 million at Spanish Villjareala the captain of Argentina national team 30 - summer defender Juan Pablo Sorin. He/she is very skilled player, we took it with a sight on League of champions - has commented on a transfer the trainer of a German command Thomas Doll.

in the Summer Hamburg have left at once some skilled football players: in leverkuzensky Bayer halfback Sergey Barbares, in " has passed; Bavaria - defender Daniel van Bejten, in Chelsea - one more player of defence of Halid Bulahruz.