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As Russia improved image of war in the Chechen Republic

on October, 1st, 1999 with a view of operative illumination of the events occurring in regions of the North Caucasus the order of premieres - minister Vladimir Putin creates the Russian information centre (Rosinformcenter). By its head the vice-president of board " is appointed; RIA Novosti news agency Michael Margelov (on December, 26th, 2000 it was replaced zamrukovoditelja the centre by Andrey Gusenkov). The centre actually became a monopolist on distribution of the information from the North Caucasus. He spent a press - conferences, round tables and extended operative reports. Valery Manilov became its main newsmaker the deputy chief of the Joint Staff. After appointment on March, 28th, 2001 Sergey Ivanov`s Minister of Defence and resignations of mister Manilov the centre has lost the status of leading body of distribution of the information on war in the Chechen Republic.
on January, 20th, 2000 the decree and. An island President Vladimir Putin were vitse - the prime minister of the government of Moscow Sergey Yastrzhembsky is appointed by the assistant and. An island of the president on coordination it is information - analytical work of the federal enforcement authorities which are taking part in carrying out of a counterterrorism operation in the North Caucasus. Mister Yastrzhembsky has declared at once that the right officially to sound the information on operations in the Chechen Republic two newsmakers " have only;: it and the first deputy chief of the Joint Staff Valery Manilov.

on August, 4th, 1999 the governmental order had been entered procedure of accreditation of foreign mass-media, operations taking part in illumination in the Chechen Republic. In republic began to suppose only the journalists who have obtained the permit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In February, 2000 rules of accreditation of mass-media are entered at the device of the assistant to president Sergey Yastrzhembsky. They resolved work to journalists in the Chechen Republic only in case those are included in the corresponding group formed by the device of the assistant in coordination with a management of power structures . Photos - and a video shooting in a zone of operations have allowed to spend only under protection and control of representatives of power structures . Rules also forbade representatives of mass-media independently to move on republic. On August, 1st, 2004 delivery of accreditations to the Russian journalists is transferred the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In total with 1999 for 2005 six times of mass-media lost accreditation in the Chechen Republic, basically for publications of interview to leaders of insurgents.