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The prices for energy carriers in Russia

In the market of oil products without changes: buy a little

jump of the prices Expected by much dealers on oil products in the beginning of year has not occurred yet. Moreover, motor fuel for the last week even has fallen in price, though and is insignificant, and only black oil has a little gone up in price. However, so languid dynamics hardly reflects any steady tendency in the market, except that that sale on - former is complicated from - for absence of means at buyers. Besides, according to traders, slack demand is connected and that consumers have not spent the reserves of oil products received in last year within the limits of the commodity credit. As a rule, the prices declared by sellers for oil products, which too hard a considerable part of buyers, are formed on the basis of cost prices of factories - manufacturers. However traders mark also constant presence of offers at the prices below a holiday money. They, as a rule, proceed from the oil-extracting enterprises delivering pererabotchikam raw materials on processing, or from other organisations receiving oil products with NPZ on clearings. In these cases the sellers interested in as much as possible fast sale, quite can renounce the price.
last days some fermentation in minds of petrodealers was caused by hearings about possible return of the government to price control to oil products. These hearings while were not reflected in practical activities of participants of the market in any way; however, if they appear true without work can remain not only traders, but also all oil complex.

the average prices of the offer in the Russian market of oil products (thousand rbl./)

the Prices are calculated under the offers of oil products confirmed with sellers in the free market with delivery across Russia. In brackets - changes in comparison with the prices of the last week (%).