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The restaurant criticism

Today in our heading the next news from Petersburg. Our correspondent ELENA - GERUSOVA has visited at once two Irish bars - Mollie ` s and Shamrock. In both institutions there were new dishes. Naturally, we could not disregard this event as news in the Irish bars happen not often.

If around a dark tree and a red brick, cosy old things and the sea Ginnessa doubts are not present - we in Mollie ` s Irish Bar. We are waited here by numerous old acquaintances are one of principles of the Irish bars where visitors should come, as to themselves home. There cocktails, beer and other more or less a hard liquor, as usual, reign, but is, however, and than to have a bite. Recently severe Irish menu Mollie ` s (however, not such it and severe - there, for example, always there is a hot apple pie with cream) was added with the French dish - a salmon Villirua .
In a nacreous fillet of a salmon soft mushrooms in dairy sauce pine. All it zapanirovano in a flour and crackers also is fried in hot fan to bright - gold colour. Accompany Villirua invariably matchless sauce tartar and French fries with vegetables. Still it is necessary to pay attention on krevetochnyj a cocktail, in it exclusively young shrimps are supposed. A cocktail fill with the diversified sauces and decorate larger royal shrimps, greens and vegetables.
in the morning in Mollie ` s it is possible to receive the real Irish breakfast - pair of juicy fried sausages, excellent bacon, bright fried eggs, fried mushrooms and tomatoes and, certainly, toasts with jam.
however, the main thing in a bar - not to forget about drinks. But ` s constant readers of our heading are already well familiar with cocktails Mollie, therefore we will go in Shamrock as we there yet were not also us there too news wait.
Shamrock is trilistnik and the nicest Irish bar on the Theatre square. A light tree, checkered taburetochki and sofas, the cosiest green hall with the glazed fireplace. Sundays, from three to six, here plays jazz ensemble, and on Thursday since nine evenings before o`clock in the morning - live fate - n - a beater. In the rest of the time - a gentle music.
and here under this gentle music in SHemroke there was smoothly a big stake, a ruddy cutlet on - kievski and a light salad from crabs. Having filled up the menu where already were present: the Irish soup, a salmon, a lasagna, chicken grudinka, bifburger and, certainly, Irish stju - the beef cutting, a potato and the browned vegetables, stewed in Ginnesse . The same dish is offered and in Mollie ` s, but there it is called the Irish ragout .
As to beer, in SHemroke except special pride of Irish, classical dark Guinness, is both more light Harp, and even more light Kilkenny, and nonalcoholic (simply find for those who at the wheel) Kaliber - all three grades too are made by concern Guinness. Beer Ginness not only it is extraordinary popular in Ireland (however, in the summer there all - taki is preferred by light grades), but for the past year became the most fashionable beer in Petersburg. About it most of all speak, it most of all want. It is favourite both in the winter, and in the summer. However, to that there are bases: beer it is very useful, it even register the patient in the Irish hospitals, half-and-half with milk, and it advise to drink to the women expecting the child.
from not Irish marks in SHemroke Are presented Carlsberg (grades Export and Elephant), Heineken, Lapin Kulta, Budweiser and Beks. Has not managed in this pub and without hardly exciting apple sidra. A wine card SHemroka it is quite good. For example, whisky is presented by kind ten grades.
especial attention is advised to turn on a nomination of cocktails with rather original names. Three petals of a cocktail SHemrok make vodka, Malibu and pineapple juice. Oscar becomes wild that is Uajldom when incorporate in one place and time Galljano Bakkardi and, imagine, sprajt. Under the mysterious name B - 53 are disguised Bejlis Kuantro and Tia marija . In the Hot drink ` Galljano ` except most Galljano - coffee and a snow-white cap of cream. the Prayer of the girl - a strong, soft and bright cocktail: gin, Kuantro orange juice and cream from above. But we have counted as the best name to the Snake in a grass - gin, Kuantro dry martini and lemon juice. After a sting of a snake can quite dream Orange rising filled with vodka, Kuantro Tia mariej orange juice and cream.
after all it will rescue only a gentle cheesecake Bejlis . Or, maybe, the Irish wiped soup on integral cream with carrots, a green peas, a siliculose string bean and corn. Or transition in the following bar.

the prices of Irish bar Mollie ` s (***): salad - a cocktail from shrimps - $8, the Irish ragout - $3, the Irish breakfast - $9, a salmon Villirua - $13. Cocktails nonalcoholic - $4, alcoholic - from $5 to $7, beer of different grades - from $3 to $4 for a portion. The restaurant is opened with 11. 00 to 3. 00. Credit cards are accepted.

Mollie ` s Irish Bar address: St.-Petersburg, street Rubinshtejna, d. 36. Phone: (812 319 - 97 - 68.

the Prices of Irish bar Shamrock (***): a lasagna - 35 thousand rbl., bifburger - 35 thousand rbl., Irish stju - 40 thousand rbl., a cutlet on - kievski - 40 thousand rbl., a cheesecake Bejlis - 20 thousand rbl. Beer Ginness - 12 500 rbl. for 0,2 l, sidr Cashel - 12 500 rbl. for 0,2 l, whisky - from 25 to 30 thousand rbl. for 0,04 l. Cocktails from 30 to 40 thousand rbl. the Restaurant is opened with 12. 00 days to 1. 00. Credit cards are accepted.

Irish Bar Shamrock address: St.-Petersburg, street of Decembrists, d. 27. Phone: (812 219 - 46 - 25.