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Charges against the Spanish prime minister

Struggle for mandates is stirred by fight against terrorism

On a political scene of Spain main recesses approach. Judging by last polls, keeping within last 13 years monopoly for the power the Socialist party will lose the preschedule parliamentary elections planned for March, 3rd for the reasons which are not carrying topical political or economic character. A malicious joke with headed the prime minister - minister Filipe Gonsalesom party has played history. One of these days the Supreme court of Spain has brought charges against the person taking the fifth place in the service record of Sotspartii. Crimes 10 - summer prescription are incriminated to it.

As public prosecutor Eduardo Moner has declared, the Minister of Internal Affairs of first government Gonsalesa Jose Barrionuevo is accused on three points: Abduction, waste of budgetary funds and cooperation with illegal armed formations. All these crimes, according to investigating bodies, the former minister has made during so-called dirty war 1983 - 1987 which the government conducted against baskskih separatists.
it was at first supposed that Barrionuevo will be accused only of carrying out of illegal arrests. However inspectors, having heard indications of set of witnesses, have come to a conclusion about close connections of the authorities with Antiterrorist groups of clearing - not state organisation consisting of armed volunteers, insurgents of the movement struggling for independence of the country of Basques engaged in physical elimination (the territory occupied by Basques, is in foothills Pireneev on border of Spain and France). And sometimes people, to terrorism not involved as it has occurred to businessman Segundo Mareem stolen in the south of France who has been wrongly ranked as the organisation baskskih separatists became victims of volunteer assistants of law enforcement bodies. By some estimations, from 27 victims dirty war third had no relation to terrorism.
political consequences of this scandal for the Spanish socialists and personally Gonsalesa will be the most unpleasant. The leader of oppositional People party Jose Maria Asnar has declared that the head of the government simply should know about illegal activity of one of ministers. In guilt of Gonsalesa, probably, its former supporters - deputies from Catalonia in which lives the majority of Basques are convinced even. Refusal of deputies - Catalans to support the government has led to crisis in which result preschedule parliamentary elections have been appointed. And though against Gonsalesa of charges yet do not put forward, after elections the situation can change.
before the Spanish socialists there was an uneasy dilemma. If on March, 3rd voters see a surname of the former head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the list of Sotspartii, the outcome of elections for it will be the most pitiable. Even by results of polls spent before promotion of charges against Barrionuevo, Spaniards preferred opposition, having been disappointed in socialists, many of which have appeared got mixed up in the scandals connected with corruption. Nevertheless, judging by last statements of Gonsalesa, he does not intend to exclude yet Barrionuevo from the list of candidates from Sotspartii.
that such decision will undoubtedly lead its party to defeat, does not testify at all to absence at the prime minister of logic. Having excluded the former minister from the ballot, Gonsales will send the party fellow directly in justice hands as that in this case will lose deputy immunity. Will personify justice besides judge Baltazar the Waiter known as the irreconcilable critic politicians of government Gonsalesa in the relation baskskih of separatists. Further to foresee simply. Threat of a severe sentence can force Barrionuevo to tell frankly to court and about other participants of fight against terrorism in which number there can be many leaders of socialists, including the present prime minister. Then there are prophetical the words of Gonsalesa told by it in recent conversation with journalists: if to exclude Barrionuevo from partspiska, the prime minister, " has told; then we should regret .
It is expected that the definitive service record of Sotspartii will be confirmed tomorrow. Then it becomes clear that the Spanish socialists will prefer - to leave hope of a victory of elections or to admit loud proceeding.