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Round the introduction of Russia into the Council of Europe

Struggle between moral principles and a pragmatism

Uncertainty and the dramatic nature connected with giving by Russia of the demand for membership in the Council of Europe, yesterday along toward evening have reached the apogee at session of its parliamentary assembly. Neither members of delegation of Russia, nor euromembers of parliament before the announcement of results did not dare to predict results of basic voting. At the moment of the beginning of voting the number of the defined was insignificant: the majority fluctuated, weighing all for and against . And only after an hour and a half, required for the voting procedure and counting of votes, the Russian delegation has with relief sighed - Russia became 39 - m a member of the oldest and most prestigious organisation on continent. It becomes formal it the full member the PASS after approval of the decision by the cabinet of the Council of Europe, but it still never called into question decisions of deputies.

Bethovensky a pleasure Symphony - a hymn of the Council of Europe - hardly sounded yesterday joyfully for members of the Russian delegation. Hope of happy end of almost four-year history with the frozen Russian file arisen after begun for health debate (all three lecturers from SE have supported reception of Russia), already to yesterday middle has weakened. Intensity forcing was promoted first of all by performance in Strasbourg the leader of fraction of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky who has declared that SE is a sediment bowl for the drawn politicians receiving here free dinners and Europe it should be grateful to Russia that she intends to inject new life into activity of this organisation . As to the facts of infringement of human rights, that, according to Zhirinovsky, members of parliament should look narrowly better at their observance in Europe. In particular, in such regions, as Northern Ireland, and also in Germany where victims are, according to the leader of LDPR, Turks. It was the obvious call.
as the expert in communications with SE the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Dalechin who is in structure of delegation in Strasbourg, despite statements of the majority of members the PASS for reception of Russia has phoned to the correspondent, from any turns of moods and opinions nobody is insured. Correctness of Dalechina is confirmed also with words of the representative of the Ukrainian delegation of Vyacheslav Chernovila who has declared that against Russia representatives of many countries " act;. As he said, absence of some members the PASS at session - the best way to save the face and not to spoil the relation with Russia . To application of such tactics of some members of parliament has pushed the message to the PASS of known legal expert Sergey Kovaleva.
Kovalev, by the way, recently resigned of the representative of the president of Russia under human rights, as the protest against actions of Moscow in the North Caucasus has demanded from SE to incur obligations to carry out constant control over observance by Russia of human rights. Thus the answer to a question to accept now Russia in SE or not to accept, Kovalev has not given. He has only noticed that if members of parliament do not have determination to bear such burden it is better to vote against . On the other hand, as he said, the isolated Russia is extremely dangerous both to itself, and for the world . This statement of Kovaleva, which authority on Europe it is high enough, has played a considerable role at decision-making the PASS. About possible negative consequences of refusal in reception spoke yesterday and the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov. He has warned that such step from outside the PASS becomes encouragement of extremists also has suggested to accept Russia - let even with reservations as it has been made concerning Ukraine . In general the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation tried to look as more as possible respectable in Stasburge, in every possible way showing the interest in the prompt introduction of Russia in SE.
the Large European countries have rendered Russia at present session the PASS the maximum support. In particular, head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France Erve de Sharett which have visited in the beginning of week Moscow, has declared that the majority of the European governments wish, that members of parliament have accepted Russia in SE . And the secretary general the PASS Daniel Tarshis is convinced that it is better to accept Russia . Such interest in the positive decision of the Russian question speaks pragmatical reasons. Leaders of these countries seriously are afraid that after presidential election on which the victory of communistic or nationalist forces is possible, reception of Russia in SE will be seriously complicated. After all it is not excluded that the new authorities can and not want to be integrated.
if to the beginning of voting the alignment of forces which was outlined in the first day of work the PASS, also has changed, not in the best for Moscow the party. Delegations of the states Baltics at first declaring the neutrality and desire to side of the majority, before the beginning of debate have changed opinion. According to the leader of the Lithuanian opposition Vitautas Landsbergisa, in delegations of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia hardly there will be people who will support the introduction of Russia in SE. He has underlined that the Baltic States will vote for only when Russia will not be at war in the Chechen Republic. And Estonia, according to the head of Estonian delegation Kristijny Ojuland, has resolved to vote against. to Freeze The file of Russia before the full termination of war in the Chechen Republic has demanded from the PASS and the international commission of lawyers.
intensity developed in a hall of the Palace of Europe of conditions underlines yesterday at least that fact that after one o`clock in the morning the correspondent did not manage to talk over with one member of the Russian delegation - all have left on session. The situation became complicated that to the voting beginning each of members the PASS has made own decision which could not coincide with opinion of its fraction. After all even in delegations of those countries which governments treat favourably acceptance of Russia in SE, could be and opponents of reception of Russia. However, estimating as a whole debate lasting more of six hours on to Russian question it is possible to ascertain that the majority of members the PASS was noted by indisputable successes of Russia in business of construction of the democratic state. Have worked on them and words of the head of the Russian delegation of Vladimir Lukina that in SE Separate politicians, and the great country " are accepted not;.