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Anybody is afraid of nobody of the relation of the Peoples Republic of China and Taiwan, but all arm

We consider that now inevitable threat of safety of Taiwan does not exist - so the representative of US State department Nicolas Burns has commented on the message of New York Times on readiness of China to operation on island capture. Besides, deep doubts in readiness of the Peoples Republic of China to carry out the similar action were expressed yesterday by Japan and Australia. Beijing too has denied statements of the newspaper that it has notified in advance Washington on preparing attack. Taipei sharply made active yesterday preparation for aggression reflexion: Whether the president of republic of Denhuej has directed the urgent telegramme to the White house with the request to stop deliveries of arms, and on the contrary, to accelerate them.

to develop an official position in connection with the publication of New York Times, it was required to administration of the USA hardly more than two days. Thus Nicolas Burns and has not explained, in what the basic approach of Washington to this conflict consists. On the one hand, the White house has declared that is the supporter of exclusively peaceful settlement of the Taiwan problem, and with another - Burns, speaking about possible actions of the USA in case Beijing will dare at realisation of military operation, has tried to fill with so much fog that has completely hidden the answer (and even a hint on it) on the major question - whether the USA on the open or indirect military support of Taipei in case of the conflict will go. However, in Burns`s statement that any attempt to define the future of Taiwan not peace methods would mean safety threat in the western part of Pacific ocean and would cause the deepest concern of the USA the prevention to Beijing can be covered.
For now China has resolutely demanded from the international community and first of all the USA to stop any deliveries of arms to Taiwan, and also to curtail all programs of cooperation on joint with Taipei to weapon manufacture. Most of all Beijing is disturbed by realisation of the agreement signed in the middle of last year about delivery to island of 150 fighters - bombers F - 16 (the contract total sum exceeds $6 mlrd), and also 60 French fighters Mirage - 2000. Deliveries of this technics should begin in the end of this year and come to the end in 1998. Whether
meanwhile yesterday the president of Taiwan Denhuej has directed administrations of the USA the message with the earnest entreaty to accelerate delivery of planes. (According to independent experts, the arms of army of Taiwan by planes F - 16 and Mirage - 2000 practically will bring to naught chances of successful capture of island by army of the Peoples Republic of China in a course air - landing or military - sea operation.) Simultaneously with it Taipei intends to buy in the near future in the USA a significant amount made McDonnell Douglas sea rocket complexes the Harpoon (irreplaceable at struggle against the sea purposes) and antimissile system Avenger. Apparently, in the near future negotiations of Taipei with Paris about acquisition of large party of French rocket complexes Mistral will be made active also.
the Additional defence cost is actually put in the budget of Taiwan the next fiscal year beginning on July, 1st: the military budget will be increased by 13 % and China is finished to $10,2 billion spends today for purchase of arms for the more numerous army almost in 2,5 times less. The outcome of possible military collision between them, certainly, will be interesting to those who conducts the academic disputes that it is better - army small, but armed with the newest weapon, or big, but armed morally and technically out-of-date weapon.