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The exhibition in the American centre

Test by silk-screen printing exclusively pleasantly

In the American cultural centre has opened an exhibition the Moscow studio - the noncommercial creative workshop representing possibility by the Russian artist by means of the American equipment and materials to make art experiences in the technician of silk-screen printing. In present chamber, but quite respectable exposition of studio can see sheets of known Moscow masters.

Silk-screen printing - only technics. Popular among artists in a century of Warhol not less, than a xylographie at the time of Durer or lithograph during a modernist style epoch. It could be as is favourite, as a good engraving in the last century or as a print in first half present, that is to hang on a wall in each house which owners are inclined to show the attachment to art. Manipulations with a film and the printing machine give the most tempting and positive effects - imposing of different images, cleanliness of the paints, well printed circulation.
about twenty years ago when in door fatherland in the big art world have been slightly opened so that it was possible to spy only, the Moscow graphic artists of design sense used this technics on available polygraphic base. And though shelkograficheskie works, for example, Igor Berezovsky and look to this day is exemplary, and Andrey Kolosov - impressively, silk-screen printing remained destiny of enthusiasts - the Westerners, not afraid to spoil health in work with toxic paints and acids for the sake of experiences in the favourite technics of classics of bottoms - arta. Labour input of that time and harm of process shelkograficheskoj has given the press nevertheless some excellent art results that is clear - to silk-screen printing did not address casually and squeezed out of it all effects inherent only in it.
Five years ago the American artist and teacher Dennis About ` Nile has undertaken the first attempts of training of the Moscow artists and students to work in the technician of silk-screen printing. Three years ago it was possible to it with support of the American sponsors and the various domestic art organisations to open the Moscow studio in which not only domestic and foreign students are trained some, but also can with support of the qualified masters - printers to make shelkograficheskie experiences all interested persons. As a result many eminent and inquisitive Moscow artists have left the sheets (the circulation part remains in a studio collection - rules are that) in studio. The works made in studio, it is regularly exhibited at Moscow and in America, the part from them is stored in Norton Dodge`s meeting and in the Tretyakov gallery.
At a present exhibition it is presented fifteen sheets of people quite worthy and known for presence of own art program and a manner, for example, Igor Makarevicha, Michael Roshalja, Vladimir Brajnina, Yury Avvakumova, Sergey Semenova. The conceptualist, a post - konstruktivist and traditsionalist are combined quite organically. The press - great nivelirovshchik, and, being one format, in the identical technics, under glass and in the frames, all products look equally accurately, optimistically and, despite presence pochvennicheskih plots, on - is American respectable - as with an excellent ornament of office in style not impudent find fault - teka. Machine tool test though it and test venerable, remains the easy exercise which authorship nevertheless belongs the Moscow studio - to its printing machines, safe paints for health and a good paper. It calls into question occurring opinion that the art technics in itself does not bear a certain aesthetics that she implicitly submits to an author`s art will.
to win the excellent American technics and to return to own products lines inherent in them, probably, it is necessary to enter with it long and serious relations. If on these relations time, forces it would not be desirable to spend, it is necessary or to leave it for ever, or to leave creative ambitions and to reconcile to manufacturing of ordinary printed matter, quite qualitative and it is absolute salonnoj.


the American cultural centre is on the third floor of Library of the foreign literature (Nikolojamsky, 1). The exhibition will last till January, 31st.