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Press - conference Pratt and Whitney

Americans have attended to destiny of the Russian aircraft industry

Cooperation Russian aviation - the space industry with the foreign companies from a theoretical plane enters the practical activities period. Already told about joint programs Pratt and Whitney and the Russian companies in the field of manufacture and marketing of rocket engines, release and certification of planes Silt - 96/ T and modernisations of aircraft engine PS - 90. During taken place on Tuesday a press - conferences heads Pratt and Whitney have stated the point of view on prospects of these projects and in particular on how events in their cooperation with joint-stock company " are developed; the Perm motors and joint-stock company the Aircraft engine .

Opening a press - conference, vice-president Pratt and Whitney Robert Rozati who is engaged in coordination of all Russian projects of the company, has declared the intention to be rather opened in discussion of available problems. As in Russia activity Pratt and Whitney is perceived recently ambiguously. According to Robert Rozati, at Pratt and Whitney in Russia there are supporters who are interested in investments from its party in the aerospace industry, and there are people who say that Americans have come to take hold of the Russian technologies and to destroy manufacture. Supporters of both points of view result rather serious arguments. Robert Rozati while with confidence can say only that if in the near future in Russia there will be no the planes, capable to compete with foreign the national aircraft industry can stop the existence. Acknowledgement of it is the aspiration of foreign manufacturers of planes to achieve cancellation of traffic walls on delivery to Russia the production. According to Robert Rozati, having started to work in Russia, we have understood what to sell the production here is a wrong way. It is necessary to develop partner relations with the companies which work in the same areas, as we . Therefore a basis of strategy of the company in Russia is development of cooperation with local manufacturers. Thus Pratt and Whitney does not hide aspiration to get profit on the investments and to achieve expansion of the presence in the Russian market.
active cooperation Pratt and Whitney with one of the largest Russian manufacturers of aircraft engines of joint-stock company the Perm motors has begun three years ago. It was planned to be engaged in joint modernisation of serial aircraft engine PS - 90 which was established on planes They be 204 and Silt - 96, for the purpose of finishing of its characteristics and a resource to level of the international standards. Remembering that time, Robert Rozati has noticed: Let developers PS do not take offence at me - 90, but it very much lagged behind the western samples . According to the head of Perm program Pratt and Whitney Thomas Hayek, we have been so assured that this project will quickly develop that without signing of any agreements have started to work together with experts ` the Aircraft engine ` (KB - developer PS - 90) over modernisation of separate components of the engine . In parallel with it together with Coopers and Lybrand and the European Reconstruction and Development Bank work on perfection of structure and the manufacture organisation " was conducted; the Perm motors . In November, 1994 Pratt and Whitney and joint-stock company the Aircraft engine Have entered into the agreement on joint venture creation on modernisation PS - 90. However followed in two weeks after that resignation of the general designer the Aircraft engine Yury Reshetnikova, according to Thomas Hayek, has caused project recoil for a year . Already one year ago Pratt and Whitney it was ready to invest in the Perm project $125 million But while all is at a stop. And Whitney it became clear to soon enough representatives Pratt that their activity in Perm not all to liking. There were statements that Americans have come on the Perm motors to finish their manufacture and to start to sell in Russia the aircraft engines. But Thomas Hayek has not lost optimism. As he said, for three years of work on the Perm project he has come to a conclusion that in Russia the situation, " is normal; When you move ahead, are then rolled away back, affairs then again improve, in summary it turns out that you slowly creep to the planned purpose . Pratt and Whitney hopes that in the nearest two - three months in prospects of the Perm project there will come clearness. Coming back to a question on theft of technologies, Thomas Hayek has noticed that it is possible to give to the wishing drawings, materials and all necessary data, concerning the aviation or rocket engine, and then to observe, how millions dollars are in vain spent for its manufacture which the desirable sample is unable reproduce. The chain of technological secrets begins with system of working out of engines. It is the base created on decades and demanding considerable capital investments. Engines Pratt and Whitney stand by planes all over the world, but nobody can reproduce them. The same it is possible to tell and about the Russian technologies.
Robert Rozati to the statement about intention Pratt and Whitney to finish manufacture of aircraft engines in Perm has concerned more emotionally. what would make everyone on my place to achieve it? It was necessary to leave simply therefrom. Intending to invest $125 million, we are not going to finish this company .