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the Comment of the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Alexander Pochinka

- the Decree of the president - a fact recognition that theoretically these payments it is impossible to pay documents. The mechanism is offered the interesting.
now a considerable quantity of the enterprises which have debts, but at the same time is the good property and money abroad, is what to take from them to the state without damage to production. Omission of the decree that there are no criteria of an estimation of position of the enterprise: whether meaningly it evades from taxes or it is valid in a heavy financial position. It is simply favourable to much to go in debtors. The given measures provided in the decree, do not eliminate the reason of occurrence of debts, and there is no guarantee that further these problems will not arise again and then the enterprise will appear in deeper crisis. The action direction necessary, but is not clear, how many will lose the budget as a result of this delay.
a trouble of all short decrees that they can on - for a miscellaneous be interpreted. Everyone treats on - to the. It is not excluded that tax departments will interpret this document to own advantage, especially here there are some moments providing a certain ambiguity.
it is doubtless, in this document there is some touch of populism. Therefore as in all actions reducing tax burden, there is a populism share, the main thing that it was healthy. The given document - not the most successful decision of the arisen problem, but it is better, than in general anything. The main thing that at last have paid attention to developed position. And in course of execution of the decree we can see all weaknesses of the offered scheme and not to admit repetition of errors by working out of bills.
Causes fears what now use delay possibility the enterprises which can pay off with the budget can, meaningly recognised debtors to receive additional benefit, having received a delay.
to improve position, it is necessary to eliminate the reason. The main reason of arising debts - too overestimated taxation of business in Russia. And the reason of the overestimated taxation in too overestimated State expenditure in comparison with the received incomes.