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Whether Association FPG of Russia

Lobbyism for $10 thousand

is created There is a hotel Arbat in tourist directories of Moscow? Correctly, is not present - leisure tourists absolutely have no need to know that in three hundred metres from theatrically - decorative Arbata the building which takes a powerful place absolutely on other card of capital of Russia - political has hidden. The former hotel of the Central Committee of the CPSU on Wednesday evening became a short-term haven for several tens the persons considering new industrial elite of the country. Have gathered they there to base Association financially - industrial groups of Russia.

the conference Beginning hopelessly was late. Occupying easy chairs in a hall operators of broadcasting companies felt rather comfortably, the rests had to be pushed in close, but causing sensation kamernosti and exclusiveness, a session hall. The governmental stenographers specially written out from the White house missed professionally - it to similar expectation not to get used. Ho and anybody from a top - managers of the companies with trillionth turns did not grumble: all to one understood, for whom wait. The first vitse - prime minister Oleg Soskovets has appeared exactly on an hour after the appointed term. In an hour it has been selected by the chairman of just created Association financially - industrial groups of Russia.
this association unites both officially registered by government FPG, and informal, created by some Russian banks. Their representatives, by the way, also have been invited to constituent conference, but representatives FPG in the law there was an obvious majority. From 28 registered groups yesterday in Arbate delegates from 22 have gathered. In June of last year the idea of creation of this association has been supported by Boris Yeltsin. Basically, association of industrialists very similar on the problems already is. Pripravitelstvennyj Council on industrial to the politician was born three times - and as much time ran perished. The chairman of this organisation, whose functions almost coincide with association problems, Oleg Soskovets also is. But who old will remember...
perhaps, unique distinction between two organisations consists that Association FPG charter is hardly more frank in formulations: protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the members, development of common positions FPG in reforming of economy and upholding of interests of members of association in authorities. In a word, anybody from present also did not hide that an association synonym is a lobby. And the lobbies of essentially other type rather than existing hitherto - a lobby with in advance declared authorised capital stock.
the entrance fee will make, on predesigns, $7 - 10 thousand - Depending on in the maintenance of executive management of association how many will manage. By the way, discussion of this question has caused hardly probable not most brisk discussion in a hall - according to the charter project, members of association, in that case if the organisation cannot carry out of any obligations to creditors, should bear additional responsibility at a rate of 10 % from an entrance fee. Apparently, $11 thousand instead of declared before $10 thousand have seemed to some directors too high price for participation in the lobbist organisation. The president conducting conference East - Siberian FPG to Yury Semak hardly managed to extinguish dispute and to return discussion in in advance planned channel.
and that the channel planned in advance, did not cause the slightest doubt. In the scenario there was all - and promptly becoming fashionable antiliberal fronderstvo: When still professor Dmitry Lvovu would manage to state the ideas about primary perversity of an economic course of the government directly to the first vitse - to the prime minister and the economic assistant to the president Alexander Livshits. Were there and business performances on private questions of functioning FPG - after all in the future the association applies for examination carrying out hardly probable not all projects of economic decisions of state structures. And all this constituent cocktail rather effectively has come to the end - the statement of the reference to Boris Yeltsin with an appeal to stand for the second presidential term. After traditional who for? (hands though and after hardly appreciable pause, have lifted all) has followed, apparently, absolutely inappropriate who against? . The hall kept silence. Probably, each of the sitting thought, when it has played a cunning trick: last minute conferences or when listened to performance of the professor of Lvov.