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Session of the government of Russia

the institute spetseksporterov

to Yury Shafraniku Is revived it was possible to convince the government that Russian toplivno - the power complex will not survive this year without side benefits. The Minister of Fuel and Energy can safely bring yesterday`s cabinet council in the active - the federal power program " is accepted; Fuel and energy together with the governmental order, to the resolving oil companies to export 15 million tons of oil duty-free.

Ha it the list given toplivno - to a power complex of privileges is not settled, but the others, truth, not so effectively look. $270 million, received by oil industry workers from duty-free export, should compensate a lack of budgetary financing partially. Really, before threat of that national the thermal power station will expose to the government of an abacus on 100 trln roubles (namely such is program cost Fuel and energy in 1996), the White house is ready to reanimate institute spetseksporterov which corpse has not had time to cool down yet.
Besides, Yury Shafraniku managed to manage to get two more kinds of privileges. In - the first, it will be authorised to thermal power station enterprises to include in the cost price (a means to withdraw from taxes) deductions for investment needs. The size of these deductions will be specified during program completion. In - the second, in toplivno - a power complex the special amortisation policy will be conducted: the accelerated order of amortisation of the equipment will be extended to all term of its service. The desire to catch such order clearly is also will allow to reduce tax payments. Arisen was from giving of Minister of Railways Gennady Matveeva discussion about in consumers investment inquiries energetikov how many will manage, have strangled right at the beginning such argument: if there will be no these privileges in 1996 consumers will overpay for various kinds of energy 11 - 12 trln roubles.
yesterday`s session of the government is remarkable also that the government after enough - taki the big break has decided as - that to protect again itself from a shaft of so-called federal target programs. For the first time appeared in 1992 as the higher achievement of an economic science target programs quickly became what should become, - hardly the modernised demands for allocation of resources. A stream of programs, once having accelerated - approximately of 150 projects in a year, never already more weakened, and all attempts of the government though as - that to limit their number came to an end without results.
as a result there was absolutely ridiculous situation: Advance payments, that is the programs accepted by the government, was much, and units, and that not to the full were really financed. Therefore economic and social efficiency of such documents is a little distinct from zero. Besides recently the Ministry of Economics, the main department under the statement of federal programs, has faced one more phenomenon - presidential programs. It is not enough than differing in sense of quality of preparation and efficiency, they possess conclusive advantage - on them there is an autograph of the president. And in struggle against them it will not be possible to use the recipe which has been thought up by Oleg Soskovets presiding yesterday. To develop programs it is not forbidden to anybody, he has declared, and here to pay their execution it is necessary to authors from budgets of the ministries. But, as a rule, these low cares - where to take money - a little excite Presidential Administration.