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Seminar in the Central Bank of Russia

New dollars become a subject of an advertising campaign of the Central Bank

Passing yesterday in GU the Central Bank a seminar devoted already podnadoevshej by all to a theme of input new 100 - dollar denominations, became the first action in a cycle of educational programs of the Central Bank of Russia and embassy of the USA for the Russian banks and the population. Yesterday to distinguish new dollars learnt regional bankers.

Presented to participants of a seminar as the head of regional division of a secret service of the USA Robert Frenks who, to disappointment present, actually has appeared only the employee of embassy of the USA in Moscow, has exclaimed the surprise concerning structure of listeners. He admitted that expected to see at a seminar basically men of solid age. However it has appeared that in Russia young women who made the majority of audience are engaged in banking mainly. However, it has not prevented the representative of the American embassy to act with gravity inherent in Americans, several times repeating, than old denominations differ from new and accompanying the story evident materials. Bankers have seen the special film showing as it is necessary to work with new denominations. Gathered also have been instructed, as itself to conduct at detection of forgeries. Frenks has advised to call in this case in the Ministry of Internal Affairs or to address in the American consulate, preliminary having detained the owner of a false denomination or having written down its data.
rollers about input of new denominations can soon look not only participants of specialised seminars, but also all televiewers. In the near future we will be not only to see constantly new dollars on the TV, but also to hear about them on Radio - Russia and to the Beacon and also to read in newspapers. About a source of means for advertising of new banknotes at a seminar of anything it has not been told.
the Leader of a seminar, chief GU of currency regulation and currency control of the Central Bank Victor Melnikov has noticed that the Central Bank not only cares of information support of input of new denominations, but also tries to facilitate destiny of banks - importers of cash currency. So, the Central Bank has already addressed in the State Customs Committee with the request to lower custom charges from the banks importing into Russia cash currency (now it makes 0,15 %), and also to simplify and accelerate process of service of customs cargo at import of cash currency. In particular the Central Bank intends to achieve the permission for bank collector services to take away cash currency directly from the plane which has arrived from the USA (now the monopoly for it belongs to service the Moscow collection ). Besides the American colleagues of the basic banks - importers, obviously, will increase for them limits by delivery of dollars to Russia.