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Burnout in Moscow

Dmitry Malikov has shown courage on a fire

on January, 24th the Moscow fireman it was necessary to work in an extreme mode. Has almost completely burnt out the Moscow concert building in Kalanchevsky street (on it has informed yesterday) in the afternoon, and the basic industrial and administrative buildings of factory " in the late evening have lighted up; Lopostnye hydraulic cars . In suppression of fires and rescue of material assets participated more than two hundred persons, including known crooner Dmitry Malikov. According to firemen, the reason of both fire were short circuits in electroconducting.

the fire Center was in a red corner
At half past eight p.m. firemen have received the message on fire at factory Lopostnye hydraulic cars (the Big Tatar street, 13). When they have arrived on a scene, from windows of the second floor of the basic industrial building of the enterprise fire already escaped. Workers have informed that it burns a red corner .

Joint-Stock Company Lopostnye hydraulic cars (the former Moscow pump factory of Kalinin) - the manufacturer of hydraulic pumps largest in Russia which are used at the ship-building enterprises. The factory has two branches - in Shatura and Egoryevsk. At the association enterprises 500 persons work nearby.

to Make the way to a fire place it has appeared not simply. It was necessary to crack pair of metal doors, long to wind on the confused system of corridors. When at last firemen were close to the purpose, it has appeared that the unique leader in a red corner the wooden ladder has burnt down and has fallen off. In the meantime fire on ventilation has left in tool shop and has soon extended on the second and third floors of a building. The furniture, machine tools, locker rooms of workers burnt. The temperature in a building was so high that firemen had to dress special protective suits. Struggle against fire passed with variable success. After firemen have extinguished fire on the second and third floors, fire has broken on a building attic, then on a roof, and from it - on a roof of the administrative case adjoining an industrial building. In two hours after the fire beginning its area has made 1000 sq. m. the Fire has been declared the third degree of complexity, and in fire suppression participated more than hundred persons.
to extinguish this burnout it was possible only about 12 o`clock in the morning. Thus one fireman was seriously injured - from a building roof the big icicle has fallen to it.
according to firemen, fire has occurred from - for short circuit in the electric system.

platform Stars remained without offices
Not less a burnout has occurred this very day in the Moscow concert building (Kalanchevsky street, 15).

the Owner of the suffered three-storyed brick building of 1895 of construction is the territorial administration Krasnoselsky . Management has leased premises to the Moscow concert. That, in turn, on the terms of subrent has placed in a building branch of the Moscow Savings Bank, moszhilniiproekt a variety show Interomega some studios gramzapisi and offices of stars of the Russian platform of Dmitry Malikova, Alains Apinoj, Stahana Rakhimov and Valentines Tolkunovoj.

the Fire has begun with short circuit in an electroboard located on the second floor of a building. In the face of several persons in a guard something has flashed and has smoked. As the smoke has quickly vanished, to an event have not given special value. And it is vain. From short circuit the wooden partition has started to decay, then ceiling overlapping was engaged. Wooden designs of a building have been plastered. Fire it is reserved has extended practically on all house, and, when in 13. 27 have caused firemen, was already late.
Practically simultaneously with firemen on a scene there has arrived Dmitry Malikov. He very much worried, as on the second floor captured by fire its studio of record settled down. The singer has just finished record next a compact - a disk, and its original was in studio. Firemen have cracked a lattice at a window of studio and have put to it a ladder. On it some firemen and one of assistants to Malikova have got into studio. The singer dressed in a long leather coat, remained on a ladder and accepted transferred to it from a window recorder coils with records, disks and equipment. The rescued things put in two standing near buildings of a jeep. According to firemen, the most part of equipment from studio Malikova managed to be rescued.
Approximately as the workers of the Savings Bank who were taking out from the burning building money who put in the collector car operated. To other tenants had no time for rescue of material assets. Twelve persons cut off fire from an exit, and firemen hardly had time to evacuate them on ladders.
fire extinguishing, and participated in it more than hundred persons, proceeded till 17 o`clock. Last firemen have left from a scene at late night - they had to assort the blockages formed after overlappings between the second and third floors have fallen.