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Affairs about protection of copyrights

want to involve the State broadcasting company for a piracy

In Savelovsky intermunicipal court (Russian Open Society) to the All-Russia state broadcasting company (VGTRK) about protection of copyrights has arrived two statements of claim of the Russian author`s society. In both claims of the Russian Open Society has demanded payment of indemnification to authors of music to films the Open book Life of Klima Samgina the Kiss Two hussars Waves of Black sea and operas the Master and Margarita for illegal use of their products. In total VGTRK, according to the claimant, should pay to authors more than 500 million rbl.

In 1994 on TV channel the Russian universities films " have been shown; the Open book and Life of Klima Samgina . Music to both pictures was written by composer Nikolay Martynov. As the broadcasting company did not address in the Russian author`s society for the permission to demonstration of pictures and the composer has not received from VGTRK royalties, in September of last year lawyers of the Russian Open Society have directed the claim in which have demanded to court to pay to Nikolay Martynovu indemnification for infringement of its copyrights at a rate of 38 million rbl.
The same year in the program Musical kunstkamera on the channel the Russian universities there was an opera the Master and Margarita also films " have been shown; the Kiss Two hussars and Waves of Black sea . The consent of the Russian Open Society to demonstration of films and opera VGTRK too did not receive. To the author of an opera Vitaly Geviksmanu, the author of the libretto Sergey Reshetovu and composer Vadim Hripachevu (he has written music to films) the broadcasting company has not paid fees. It became an occasion to the second claim of the Russian Open Society which has been submitted to VGTRK in December, 1995. According to lawyers of a society, the broadcasting company should pay indemnification for illegal use of products of Geviksmanu, Reshetovu and to Michael Bulgakov`s successors at a rate of 227,5 million rbl., and to Vadim Hripachevu - 246,5 million rbl.
Representatives VGTRK have declared to the correspondent that in general know nothing about existence of these statements of claim. As to Masters and Margaritas the permission to demonstration of an opera from Vitaly Geviksmana at VGTRK was, and the fee to it have paid. And the author of the libretto Sergey Reshetov who, by the way, too has authorised for opera display, in general is the employee of a broadcasting company and now should have legal proceedings with itself. Representatives of a broadcasting company also have noticed that films the Kiss Two hussars and Waves of Black sea have been removed to the edition in 1993 of the law About the copyright . According to this law, authors can apply for the fee only for use of those products which have appeared after 1993. Thus, all three films do not get to this category. Under the old legislation, they could be bought from film studios where they have been removed, and to show without the consent of authors.