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Arrest of gangsters in St.-Petersburg

the Motorist could not obtain compensation

Employees of RUOP of St.-Petersburg nine members " have detained; Kazan criminal community. Arrested persons are accused of extortion of $2500 at the motorist to whom the brother of one of them has broken the nine .

In December of last year on paid parking place in the street Ho Shi the Mine someone has driven in standing the nine . The owner of the car has learnt phone of the originator from the watchman and began to try to obtain from its compensation. Mother of the originator of failure has approached to phone. Having learnt about the call reason, she has informed the motorist that her son is now sick that it in general brainless also is not able to solve business matters. But other her son, senior, is quite capable, therefore he will participate in negotiations about indemnification. The motorist has agreed on this offer, and the meeting on January, 11th has been appointed to evening on the same parking. On negotiations the victim has arrived by other car - VAZ 21021. It was expected by the promised big brother in the company of four friends which did not begin to be represented. They have unexpectedly declared that claims of the owner of the nine are groundless and, moreover, he is guilty in a road accident event. Then the motorist have jostled in Chevrolet jeep, have selected keys and documents from Fields payment of $2500 " also have demanded; for anxiety and damaged by them about it ` the nine ` the car .
a week later after that incident the victim has addressed in militia. On January, 22nd employees 7 - go department of RUOP and group SOBR have approached on cafe the Portico in the Duma street. There nine members " have been detained; Kazan groupings among which there were also the malefactors extorting money at the motorist. The pistol of a TT has been withdrawn from one of arrested persons at a search with a full holder and a bullet-proof vest. Two others by the time of detention were wanted. Five arrested persons were earlier sudimy under different articles. The militia has withdrawn from the detained 70 million rbl. and 4 foreign cars standing under windows of cafe.