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The medicine for a malaria leads to nervous breakdowns

Group of travellers of Great Britain, visited tropical areas of Africa and the South America, has brought an action against company Roche making antimalarial means. They intend to obtain compensation that after the use of these means at many of them dizzinesses, hallucinations, nervous breakdowns and problems with digestion began. The lawyers employed by victims accuse Roche of a negligence.

Representatives Roche surveyed 145 thousand the persons trying antimalarial preparations, on itself and have found out that by-effects arise only at one of 10 thousand persons. After that on TV channel BBC the detailed plot about by-effects in which results the use of preparation Roche has been shown. Journalists have found out that it often generates to hallucinations, spasms and fear attacks - it becomes aggravated at those who uses the lift or ezid on motor transport. Other tourists using a medicine complain of loss of balance, dizziness, a nausea and problems with digestion.
then management Roche recognised that problems arose at 22 % from among tourists using a medicine. In the answer the lawyers Employed by victims have brought an action the claim and intend vozbudzhit business on charge in Roche a negligence. Simultaneously they demand for the clients to whom it was necessary will address to the qualified medical aid, considerable indemnification. After the scandal beginning the London institute of tropical illnesses has started to conduct additional researches of a preparation. Travel companies have started to warn the klentov that it is not necessary to use preparation Roche at trips to the tropical countries.