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Prospects ogranochnyh the enterprises of Russia

Features of the Russian diamond industry

the Branch is most eksportnoorientirovannoj (98 % of production go for export), therefore it essentially depends on a conjuncture of the world diamond market. Here 60 years (as soon as the Central marketing organisation has been created) a business primary factor in this market are the prices for the diamond raw materials, established by monopoly De Beers. They were almost unshakable. Therefore the marketing policy (and the manufacture connected with it) starts with the stable prices for brilliants as from an unbiased fact. The second important point are rudiments of the Soviet system of the organisation of manufacture. In - the first, in 1970 - 1980 The network of the factories calculated for processing rather narrow (15 % from all nomenclature) a range of diamond raw materials of the first-rate quality with manufacture of class production (so-called brilliants of mark Russian Cut) has been created. In - the second, price preferences were given and given to factories. But it does not raise their competitiveness in the world market as preferences are levelled by enough rigid tax system. In - the third, provincial factories () are bjudzhetoobrazujushchimi the enterprises of regions and for tradition contain very many welfare projects in Smolensk and Barnaul. Integration of the Russian lapidary industry into the world market disturb special conditions of the Russian business - departmental supervision, customs borders, attention of special services.