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Joseph Brodsky

Joseph Brodsky has died: the end of a fine epoch

in the Morning on January, 28th in the nju - jorkskom the house has died Joseph Brodsky.

In Russia the death of the great poet always becomes the end of the big epoch. With Pushkin Russian empire style - the harmony which yet has been not torn down slavjanofilstvom and zapadnichestvom has died. With the Block the Petersburg period of Russian history, with Ahmatovoj - the Soviet culture, from Petersburg grown has ended. Ahmatova considered itself as last. She wrote: Also it seemed that after the end// Never happens nothing.// who wanders there at a porch// And by name we call?
as Voznesensky and Evtushenko, on the one hand, or Rhine and Kushner, with another, Brodsky has come after the end but unlike all contemporaries at once has realised it. It was not torn in new distances as it was everywhere accepted in the beginning 60 - h. He began to wander at a porch and to call left by name.
its poetry can be divided into the periods, opposing direct the early lyrics - late cultural urological. It - is naive. It from the very beginning, since the first lines, with the Christmas romance began to collect and muzeifitsirovat remains. Its poetry is the grandiose exhibition of culture stretched on some volumes, some kind of madame Tussauds museum in which dead persons stand in obnimku with private residences.
its departure from Russia, as it is known, was compelled, but in due course it became clear that the Soviet power at all has not defined, has more likely executed will of the poet. It already catalogued all in Russia and has gone to collect stones of Europe - to Rome and Byzantium. neither the countries, nor a country churchyard// I do not want to choose.// on Vasilevsky island// I will come to die is a well-known prophecy only it seems not come true. Certainly, it was carried out, in the sense that Vasilevsky island for Brodsky less all topographical date, and death of Petersburg as own it described tens times. And to come back to it there was no place and there is no need.
It was last Russian poet for whom the poetry and culture were absolutely identical, and the first who has made from this the theme. And in the same row with Tyutchev, the Block, Mandelshtamom and Ahmatovoj from all poets after the end there was only it - because was put there.