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New bank in Leningrad region

the Regional administration intends to found Bank of reconstruction and development of Leningrad region. As have informed in regional administration, the controlling interest will belong to the local government which expects to translate all budgetary accounts on service in new bank. The size of the authorised capital and structure of founders definitively are not defined yet, however it is supposed that into number of shareholders will enter sankt - the Petersburg banks and the largest enterprises of Leningrad region. It is expected that the new bank structure will be registered in GU the Central Bank across St.-Petersburg the next two months.
as count in administration, the bank with the central establishment in St.-Petersburg will have some branches. The equipment of four regional branches of Northern trading bank which loses on February, 2nd the licence is by this time bought.
the Representative of administration has noticed that Leningrad region possesses solid financial resources. So, only account part of the budget, which service it will be transferred in bank, in 1996 makes 3,5 trln roubles. Receipt of internal and foreign credits on 300 - 400 mlrd roubles Besides, is expected.

the Avtobank has summed up year
At the briefing which has taken place yesterday in Avtobank the chairman of the board Natalia Raevsky has informed on some results of activity of bank for last year. The size of actives of Avtobank has reached 5,77 trln roubles, own capital - $50 million, the profit has made 331 mlrd roubles. The bank board will suggest meeting of shareholders to confirm dividends under rouble actions at a rate of 800 % annual and under the actions paid in currency, in 25 % annual. The volume of credits of bank is equal to the enterprises, the organisations and the population 1,3 trln roubles. Large enough credit portfolio has remained at Avtobank and under the interbank loans which total amount has made 1,5 trln roubles. The delayed debts to bank - only 5 mlrd roubles.
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the Mezhkombank will have money for development
Mezhkombank has signed the agreement on granting of means by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation within the limits of the project of development of financial institutions of Russia. Signing of the given agreement has opened jar access to resources of IBRD and the European Reconstruction and Development Bank, intended for realisation of this project. Now the bank will have an opportunity to carry out actions for development and perfection of the activity.
now about forty Russian banks are applicants for reception of accreditation for participation in project VB and the European Reconstruction and Development Bank. In 1996 of the demand for accreditation will be accepted from the banks which capital exceeds 5 million EKJU and which have taken place audit for 1995 under the international standards. Demands the Group of strategic questions including experts of the Ministries of Finance will consider, economy, Bank of Russia and governmental body of Russia.
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BGS Industrial Company BGS Industrial introduces in Norilsk cards
and Norilsk is mountain - metallurgical industrial complex create system of payments on the basis of microprocessor cards, the manager under projects of company BGS Industrial Oleg Pavlov has informed. Issue of cards MCOS with software UEPS has begun summer of 1995. For today it is let out over 25 000 cards. By words g - on Pavlova, in shops and the public catering enterprises Norilsktorga it is established about 200 trading terminals (Monitel EFT - 10). The monthly average turn by cards exceeds 16 mlrd roubles. It is planned that by the end of the second stage of development of system, it will be given out 40 000 cards, on the third (to summer of 1996) - 110 thousand more cards, and are established in addition 500 terminals.
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Baltic debts are offered Foreign banks...
the Latvian governmental committee on economy and the finance has transferred to the statement of the cabinet the project of changes in rules of realisation of promissory notes of the state internal loan, the information service of the government has informed. The project, in particular, allows to get these papers to the foreign banks having correspondent accounts in Bank of Latvia. Now the authorised Latvian banks participate in auctions on realisation of the state obligations only.

... And to Baltic banks - Russian
Eesti Krediidipank has started distribution in Estonian stock market of the Russian state securities. According to dealer Eesti Krediidipank g - on Kuusberga, bank can independently define, in which Russian securities and in what volume it will enclose means of the investor, or to give to solve it to the client. The size of commission fee fluctuates from 0,175 % to 10 % depending on conditions of the conclusion of the transaction. Investors whom can be both physical, and legal bodies, have possibility to enclose money resources in the Russian state credit obligations, bonds of federal and savings loans. The bank also suggests to conclude future and forward transactions with these securities in the minimum volume in 100 000 crones (DM12 500) - for a year from this sum it is possible to earn 25 000 crones (DM3130) ` pure ` .
By words g - on Kuusberga, in connection with a great interest to the Russian securities in stock market of Estonia Eesti Krediidipank intend to enter into in the near future agreements on purchase - sale of the Russian state securities with two Russian banks - dealers of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. While partner Eesti Krediidipank in Russia is only the Russian credit . According to Bank of Estonia, for today of operation with the Russian state papers spend also Estonian Promstrojbank, Severo - Estonian bank and Estonian investment bank.

Representations of the Russian banks will be deprived licences
Bank of Estonia intend to cancel in connection with absence of the vigorous activity licences of Estonian representations of two Russian banks - the Siberian Trading bank and Basis - bank. The president of Bank of Estonia Vahur Kraft has told to newspaper Kaubaleht that any of these Russian banks really in Estonia did not operate. if the permission is given, the representation should work, differently it is not meaningful to be listed - he has noted. According to the chief of information department of Bank of Estonia Kaupo Pollisinski, representations of all other foreign banks in Estonia (all their seven) really work.

VB will grant the loan to Agricultural bank of Lithuania
Negotiations on an occasion of granting to Agricultural bank of Lithuania the World Bank of the credit at a rate of $30 million will pass in the end of February in Washington. Means will be distributed between farmers and the private agricultural enterprises of the country. It is expected that they will receive money in the beginning of May. The chairman of the board of Agricultural bank Vatslovas Litvinas in interview to the newspaper Letuvos ritas Has noticed that credits will be given only to those enterprises, more which half of capital is in private hands. The rate of loans will not exceed 15 % annual. One of the basic conditions - 30 % of cost of the project the addressee of the credit should finance independently.