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Boris Yeltsin has reorganised the administration

the President of Russia has signed the decree about reorganisation of administration of the head of the state and has confirmed new position about administration. The head of the device of the president Nikolay Egors has informed on it yesterday. As he said, in the reorganised administration will be six central administrative boards, and instead of 43 nowadays existing divisions it will be generated 19. As to number of states reduction of employees will make, according to Egorov, approximately 500 persons. Thus, number of the reorganised administration of the head of the state will make, according to Egorov, about one and a half thousand persons.

the Contract on differentiation of powers of the Russian Federation with Krasnodar territory and the Orenburg region
Boris Yeltsin and heads of administrations of Krasnodar territory Evgenie Haritonov and the Orenburg region Vladimir Yelagin have signed yesterday contracts about differentiation of subjects of conducting and powers between bodies of the state power of the Russian Federation and bodies of the state power of edge and area. Among the signed documents, in particular, agreements in the field of agrarian and industrial complex development; in the sphere of education; maintenance of legality, the law and order and public safety in edge and area territory; about state property differentiation; on economic problems and about interaction in the organisation and realisation of customs business in edge and area. In the performances the head of administration of Krasnodar territory Evgenie Haritonov and the head of administration - the chairman of the government of the Orenburg region Vladimir Yelagin have underlined that, transferring a part of the powers of the state power of the Russian Federation, they expect to strengthen unity of the state and to work in the kind consent with the government for the blessing of Russia.
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Negotiations on clearing of militiamen are transferred for three days
According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan, planned for yesterday negotiations with the Chechen insurgents concerning clearing of Novosibirsk militiamen are transferred for 3 days and, probably, will take place on Friday. Insurgents continue to draw on an exchange of the remained 12 militiamen on grasped during fights in Pervomaisk insurgents by a principle all on all . On Monday evening to the Dagestan party have been transferred 5 wounded Novosibirsk militiamen. Now all of them are in district Khasavyurt and in the near future, probably, on Wednesday, will be sent home as their wounds are insignificant.

the General does not want to conclude the non-aggression pact
the Candidate for presidents Alexander Lebed considers unreal the conclusion the non-aggression pact offered by Boris Yeltsin on the eve of elections. According to the Swan, all candidates for presidents are simply doomed to build the election campaign on Yeltsin`s critic . At us in the country for last 4 years the economic crisis and social vulnerability of citizens have become aggravated, and the president has a direct bearing on it - he has underlined. The swan also has noticed that ratification of contract SNV by Russia - 2 obviously will not add to the safety country as a political situation and power balance in the world absolutely another, than during contract signing, therefore its careful examination " should precede ratification;.

Lapshin urges to create the left block
the Leader of Country party of Russia Michael Lapshin in the post card has called immediately to create the selective block ` the Union left, left-centrist and it is national - patriotic forces ` for the purpose of promotion of the uniform candidate on a post of the president of Russia. According to head APR, it is necessary to realise accurately that the greatest chances of a victory from incorporated opposition on forthcoming presidential election the head of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov has. But also to it if it represents itself as the candidate from one party, 22,3 % of votes which has received the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on parliamentary elections " can not suffice; - it is told in Lapshin`s post card.