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In Germany, as well as in Russia, a little that is known about credit BASF to Gazprom

the Board of German concern BASF AG in Ludwigshafen has refrained from granting of the additional information on conditions of the new credit on DM1 mlrd, about which chief BASF of Jurgen Shtrube has signed recently the agreement in Moscow. By this time BASF and its affiliated firm Wintershall already invested in the joint venture with Gazprom DM4,5 the German analysts specify billion in good business relations between the parties and believe that the new credit is given on favourable terms. Most likely, the parties have concluded thus and a number of important auxiliary agreements. As to intensively circulating hearings about possibility of purchase BASF of actions Gazprom or transformation to them of the present credit no trustworthy information in this respect while is present. Gazprom Already for a long time tries to convince the large international clients to take part of privatisation spent by it, however while there are no bases to speak about success of such negotiations as the real market weight of this company yet does not give in to exact definition.
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

the Deutsche Bank will finance the Russian factory
German Bayerische Landesbank intends to finance deliveries of the process equipment of concern Siemens on Petersburg Factory of systems of programmed control . The German bank according to signed with Inkombankom in December, 1995 the agreement will pay 85 % of cost of the project on introduction in St.-Petersburg the automated control system of transport streams. The remained 15 % from the contract sum will be paid in the advance payment by Inkombank. The concrete sum of the contract is not disclosed, it is known only that it is established in limits from DM15 million to DM100 million Return of the credit given under 8 % annual (without commission fee of the Russian and foreign banks), the factory guarantees transfer of the currency gain received under export contracts, to the accounts of Inkombanka opened in Bayerische Landesbank. On agreement conditions, the sum of an export gain should exceed in 2,5 times credit volume together with percent and further can be used for its repayment. The guarantor of performance of the agreement between the German and Russian bank is the German insurance company Hermes. According to representative Inkombanka, the decision on factory long-term financing is accepted management Bayerische Landesbank within the limits of the agreement with Inkombankom about opening to it the limitless demand line of credit. Probably, at the expense of means Bayerische Landesbank the projects of the Baltic sea shipping company connected with reconstruction and repair of courts also will be financed.

Communication in Sverdlovsk area have decided to modernise
Administration of Sverdlovsk area has confirmed the program of development of joint-stock company Uraltelekom till 1998. Preliminary it has been approved by regional coordination council of telecommunications agencies and telecommunications and Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation. Joint-stock company Uraltelekom assumes to begin since 1996 annually to enter into areas 40 - 45 thousand telephone numbers. Intention it is supported by contracts with the American firm Intel, the joint venture Iskrauraltel (Ekaterinburg - Slovenia), firms Vestriga and RTK (the regional telephone company). Orders for the equipment also will be placed at the conversion enterprises. In total in Sverdlovsk area it is planned to allocate for telephone system development from above 110 mlrd roubles. The contribution Uraltelekoma will presumably make nearby 20 mlrd rbl. Not less than 10 % of total amount of investments it is planned to cover at the expense of release of regional bonds.
business - TASS

Ministry of Fuel and Energy of the Russian Federation has confirmed new tariffs for services Transneft
According to new order tariffs for prorolling, transfer and having poured the oil, carried out by the Russian joint-stock company Transneft on system of the main pipelines, will be increased on the average by 10 % and will start to operate since February, 1st, 1996. The greatest increase expects the manufacturers using Black Sea, Prikaspijsko - the Caucasian and Northern associations of the main pipelines the size of tariffs on which will make, accordingly, 36,9, 31,36 and 31,98 rbl. For prorolling of 1 ton of oil on 1 km. Raw materials export in the far abroad will occur on a basis dvuhstavochnogo the tariff which develops of two indicators: variable and constant. At the heart of a variable indicator - the rouble rate of tariffs applied in territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS depending on a route of transportation. Constant making size of the tariff the currency rate for the order for granting of transport services at a rate of $3,2 for ton on 1 km serves.

First thousand subscribers Novosibirsk the Cellular company
In the end of last week Novosibirsk joint-stock company the Cellular company has noted connection of the thousand subscriber to the network. However, for two weeks required for preparation this action, subscribers of the Novosibirsk cellular operator became 200 more person. Such quantity of clients The cellular company has typed for 14 months of the work. So fast growth of clientele of the company creates to it problems of technical character. The network capacity has appeared insufficient: after essential reduction of price on devices the traffic volume began to grow unexpectedly quickly. At the monthly traffic on which firm Plexsys equipment, 150 - for each subscriber is calculated 200 minutes, Siberians slander till 300 minutes. But the incomes received by the company from the traffic, according to the general director of joint-stock company Evgenie Rubana, were now made even to profit on sale of tubes. Therefore the main current problem the Cellular company which works in regional cellular standard AMPS and enters in Association 800 (the operators working under mark Bi - the Line ) - network expansion. For this purpose the Novosibirsk operator has an ambitious project on 20 thousand subscribers in which participation of companies Motorola or Ericsson is provided. A definitive choice of the supplier of the equipment the Cellular company according to Rubana, will make in June.
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