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the Modern art for interiors of Ashshurbanipala

At office of news agency of Russia ITAR - TASS the second volume of a series of CD - ROM " has been presented; the Modern fine arts . The compact - a disk is let out by the electronic publishing house of ART INFO which are engaged in acquisition of computer bank of art, with technical support ITAR - TASS. Experts - critics of volume - William Mejland and Svetlana Kavetsky. We will remind that the first volume of a collection of CD - ROM the Modern fine arts left in April, 1994.

It is necessary to notice that in ART INFO publishing for time which has passed from the moment of an exit of the first volume of CD - ROM (see from April, 19th, 1994) There were changes. Technically - to the best: the colour palette has extended, the image permission (with 640480 to 800600) has increased. In the permission conceptual some steps also have been taken. And in our opinion, in strange enough direction - not back, and as - that sideways. If in a selection of the first volume from 155 characters it was possible to find out ones and a half - two ten really modern domestic artists (for example, Avvakumov, Kirtsova, Kizevalter, Rojtburd, Tistol, Clowns...) That in a collection of the second a compact - the disk of those practically is not present. Artists of the list of CD - ROM - 2, perhaps, should be defined only as writing, drawing and modelling today that at all is not a synonym modern .
Aspiring to develop a principle international reprezentatsii, declared in the first volume (where there were artists and from Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan), composers of the second disk have included in the list of the familiar artists from France and Israel. Similar Russian promotion foreign unknown persons - and business is so as unlike the first disk the most part of circulation of the second will arrive on home market - more than is strange. If it is the accident caused by simple haste (as it was found out, foreign authors have appeared simply quicker in transfer to bank of the files and slides, than local artists), it only reproach to composers. If - a rule the principle of selection is called into question, no less than in general necessity for services of the expert. In that case bank acquisition can be neglected, having forgotten thus about any criteria of quality. That it would be a pity, as ART INFO really considerably improves technical maintenance of a computer database, offering the users more perfect image and system of distribution of the information through the international network Internet. However, sometimes euphoria from computer possibilities forces operators to forget about common sense and practical expediency. So, to this enthusiasm it is obliged by the birth included in CD - ROM - 2 program Virtual gallery of the modern art where in space why - that assirijsko - the Babylon architecture possibility to be engaged razveskoj the works which have pleasant to it is given the user. Probably, founders of a disk see a certain similarity of this style to character of the scanned 1057 pictures. To make game it is more interesting, we suggest programmers to include in it using the blaster or a light pistol. It is thought, then this thing will be more feasible the Prince of Persia .


Computer Collection of Art. CD - ROOM (for PC 486SX and above, MS DOS 3. 1; MS Windows 3. 1) Moscow, ARTINFO, 1995