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Budgetary process in regions

the Yaroslavl enterprises have refused the regional budget

Industrial circles in regions definitively were disappointed in local budgets. For example, budgetary - the financial commission of the Yaroslavl regional thought under the influence of local management has rejected the project of the regional budget presented by governor Anatoly Lisitsinym for 1996. The general mood was expressed by the deputy of a regional thought, the general director of joint-stock company JAroslavnefteorgsintez Evgenie Zajashnikov: That to us to consider such budget - fiction? It is necessary to allow to the enterprises to sigh . To the governor have recommended instead of drawing up of budgets simply to achieve the financial help to the regional enterprises from Moscow.

Generally speaking, the regional government itself as is impossible recognised crisis of the local budget more frankly. In the budget project - 96 deficiency makes 18 %, and representing this document in the commission of a regional thought on the budget and economic policy the chief of department of the finance of the regional government Anatoly Fedorov fairly recognised: Deficiency very big and to extinguish it there is nothing .
the Commission has gone further away and, having rejected the project, has recommended to the governor, a regional thought and the regional Economic Council uniting directors of the largest enterprises of region, not to process the budget, and simply to demand the help from the centre. At commission session it has been noticed that in area there are only 49 % of the collected taxes, and 51 % leaves in the federal budget. Committee-men not without reproach specified that Sverdlovsk governor Edward Rossel has managed to achieve from Moscow of economic gains for fellow countrymen, and Anatoly Lisitsin boasting of the high capital communications, it to make cannot in any way. However, under the new federal budget Yaroslavl region is included in number of the regions receiving budgetary transfers from the centre, however deputies of a regional thought all the same remained are dissatisfied, having referred that among more than such 70 regions the area will receive the smallest on volume the help - 0,17 % from a total sum of transfers, or 45,2 mlrd the rbl.
Special indignation of local authorities are caused by actual liquidation of regional currency fund. Since last year in connection with cancellation of regional export quotas on receipt oil products in this fund (before reaching $7 - 8 million) have stopped. Now a maximum, on what the Yaroslavl authorities can hope in 1996, is a return of $1 million which was is taken from fund by the Yaroslavl enterprises and commercial structures as credits.
the help from the centre is required to the Yaroslavl enterprises rather considerable. Their debts to budgets make nearby 800 mlrd rbl.; 350 more mlrd they should energetikam for the electric power, warmly and gas. The governor has already started to resort to emergency measures. For example, in connection with numerous references of heads of the enterprises and the organisations, absence of means for acquisition of raw materials and materials for manufacture start-up, and also with a view of easing of the social intensity connected with a delay of payment of a salary to workers and employees Lisitsin has published the decision about introduction of a time order of use of means arriving on the enterprises. According to this document to the enterprises and the organisations which have presented schedules of repayment of debts in budgets of all levels, the areas confirmed by the government, it is authorised to reserve on payment of the salary and other urgent needs of 30 % of the means arriving on their settlement accounts. However, such level of reservation now does not correspond to federal norms (according to one of heads of Economic Council of Yaroslavl region to Tursuna Ahunova, federal restrictions in reservation of means for salary payment simply smother region economy ). However the Yaroslavl authorities obviously count that Moscow not only will render to the enterprises the financial help, but also not begins to pay attention to similar legislative liberties.