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The market of promissory notes

the Average profitableness of the state short-term bonds for yesterday has decreased on 12 percentage points and has made 89 % annual. The sharp rise in prices speaks occurrence the market of state credit obligations of means from unsatisfied application forms for participation on Wednesday in placing of three-monthly release of state credit obligations. Medium height under all quotations has made 1,5 percentage points. The increase in activity of banks has led to that the volume of prisoners in the secondary market of transactions has made 2,26 trln roubles. Having used increase of demand for state credit obligations, the Ministry of Finance completely dorazmestilo bonds 49 - j series. Was dorazmeshcheno 237 thousand bonds. Thus, the Ministry of Finance has extinguished a lack of net avails after auction. As a result of growth of quotations of bonds profitableness to auction of the placed state credit obligations has risen to 983 % annual.
bonds of a savings loan also have considerably enough grown, and their quotations have exceeded a face-value. The volume of prisoners with these papers of transactions also has considerably increased.
according to participants of the Moscow market of interbank credits where considerable flow of free resources recently is observed, in the near future rates on MBK will not change. This results from the fact that in market MBK the situation when the volume of concluded transactions is insufficient for carrying out of essential financial operations was established.
the bond market of an internal currency loan usually sensitive to political events in Russia, this time practically has not reacted to the message of mass media on illness of the president of Russia. According to experts of the company MFK - the Moscow partners quotations of bonds of the third and fourth tranches after receipt of this information have fallen downwards all on 0,2 percentage points. Quite probably that someone simply used news to speculation for the fall.
Activity of operations in the market of exchequer obligations for yesterday essentially has not changed. The majority of the financial companies has increased quotations on purchase of short series; quotations of distant series remained invariable. Most likely, growth of quotations of short series is influenced by surplus of free resources in other sectors of the financial market.