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Investigation of custom-made murder

the Vodka king began career in criminal investigation department

on January, 16th, 1996 about 7 o`clock in the morning in Kazan in 100 metres from the house a shot in a nape the director of agrofirm " has been killed; Usadsky the former deputy chief of criminal investigation department of the Kazan Department of Internal Affairs Vladislav Baranov. Its firm specialised on spirit and vodka manufacture, and in a city it was considered as one of kings of alcoholic business. On suspicion in murder some employees of firm, including the deputy director on building and the general questions of Ramil Gabdrahmanov which Communist Party Tatarii has proposed as the candidate on presidential election in republic have been detained. However, in two days it have released. Friends of the killed have promised 100 million roubles to the one who will solve a crime. For 9 day after death of Baranova the sum has increased twice. The murderer is not found yet.

Early in the morning on January, 16th Vladislav Baranov left an entrance and has gone to standing on other party of the prospectus of Ibragimova to an official car. The driver sitting in the car saw that from an entrance for Baranovym there was a man 30 - 35 years. Unexpectedly Rams has fallen. The driver did not hear a sound of a shot. The unknown person has quickly sat down in waiting it the Muscovite and the car has promptly disappeared. The driver has run up to the chief. It lay in a blood pool. In some minutes of Rams has died, without regaining consciousness. The field investigators who have arrived on a scene of crime have established that Rams has been killed by one shot in a nape from a TT pistol. Without delay to detain the murderer it was not possible.
All information on a course of investigation of murder of Vladislav Baranova has been blocked at once by bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Office of Public Prosecutor. It is known only that the consequence considers 5 versions. From them only one concerns works of Baranova on a post of the deputy chief of criminal investigation department of Kazan. All the others are connected with its commercial activity.

it held all city
Vladislav Baranov who has worked in system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs more of 25 years, began with a post younger operupolnomochennogo. Work on a post of the deputy chief of criminal investigation department of the Department of Internal Affairs of Kazan became his career Highest point. According to the head of service of economic safety Tatpromstrojbanka George Baljasnikova working in the middle of 80 - h under his supervision, Vladislav Baranov was the strong field investigator: It held all city . To work Rams tried not with a trifle, and with criminals high ranks . He took active part in liquidation rattling in 70 - e years of a gang Tjap - a mistake supervising then the city most part. In 1986 in criminal investigation department of the Department of Internal Affairs of Kazan the management was replaced. Rams, the person basic and uncompromising and, hence, inconvenient has been sent dosluzhivat the remained two years to pension in Kazan LTP. Together with Baranovym from criminal office cunningly some more person. In general, according to friends of the former militiaman, from those who worked with Baranovym in criminal investigation department, on service there were only units. Many of the left were engaged in business. So Vladislav Baranov has arrived also. Having submitted in 1988 the official report about resignation on a length of service, he almost has headed at once agrofirm Usadsky .
However communication with the former colleagues of Rams did not lose. According to Ramilja Gabdrahmanova which have worked as the deputy director on development Usadsky 6 years, arrivals of criminal groupings on firm have stopped, as soon as gangsters have learnt that over firm supervises Rams. At the same time Usadsky Represented a tidbit for any criminal grouping: besides manufacture of meat and dairy products the firm has the shop on manufacture of spirit and vodka pouring.
in vodka business of Rams was engaged in the beginning 90 - h years. For this purpose it, Ramil Gabdrahmanov and a certain citizen of Poland have created the joint venture Glory . A post of the director for the recommendation of Baranova, Gabdrahmanov has offered Pavel Antonovu who has worked on operative work together with Baranovym more of 20 years. Have arrived the agrofirm which have adjusted pouring of vodka from own spirit, have instantly increased several times. However to the beginning of 1995 the firm has started to have problems with sale of goods as deliveries in Tatariju the imported vodka which price was more low than in firm Baranova have sharply increased. Problems have not prevented friends to develop the business. Trying to extend, Usadsky has paid attention on sinking in joint-stock company debts the Kazan acetic factory Gabdrahmanov became which director. In half a year the factory began to make profit. Relations between Baranovym and Gabdrahmanovym became closer. In particular, the former field investigator supported political career of the partner and welcomed that Communist Party Tatarii has proposed its nominee on the future presidential election.

the weapon instead of spirit
Nevertheless Gabdrahmanov has appeared among arrested persons on charge in murder of Baranova. At its detention inspectors, most likely, leant against hearings that pensioner Baranov began to disturb to the young and vigorous partner. There were the well-wishers who have informed that on the eve of murder of Baranova between it and Gabdrahmanovym has taken place unpleasant conversation.
to the aid of the arrested candidate for presidents from Moscow the leader of the Tatar communists the deputy of the State Duma Alexander Saly has urgently taken off, and in two days communists have achieved clearing of the candidate from - under arrest. Leaving the chamber, Gabdrahmanov has told to the correspondent that murder of Baranova has frankly political character: It did not hide that will actively help me with struggle for a presidential armchair . Gabdrahmanova had an impression that bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are occupied by not so much search of the criminal, how many political investigation and attempt psychologically me to break .
Meanwhile in a country house of Baranova and in firm Usadsky some searches have been made. In territory spirtohranilishcha field investigators have found out the whole warehouse of ammunition - 10 grenade cup discharges RPG - 18, 52 manual pomegranates F - 1 and 2 RGD. The director spirtohranilishcha has been arrested at once. While he could not explain to a consequence why in a warehouse the weapon was stored. Under data from informal sources, in a country house of Baranova two fowling pieces, 4 detonators to explosives and the automatic machine with the muffler have been withdrawn. Finds have guided a consequence at the version that Rams prepared for reflexion arrivals from criminal structures. Under the operative data, recently the prospering firm has come into the view of two large Kazan orgprestupnyh groupings. One of them - boriskovskaja - received from firm the income, while Usadsky Tatarspirtproma was a part, but has lost control over it after it has headed Rams. Other grouping - ZHilploshchadka - wanted to take Usadsky under a roof as the firm is in its territory. Rams actively resisted to pressure of groupings, and as inspectors assume, gangsters have decided to clean the pig-headed director and to agree with that who will take its place.
it is impossible to exclude also that Rams became a victim of vindictive gangsters from a gang Tjap - a mistake Which thanks to the former assistant to the chief of criminal investigation department have received from 10 till 15 years of imprisonment. Recently at them term has ended. It having appeared on freedom, they could revenge the offender.