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PTS creates coherent holding

the Petersburg signalmen raise a family tree

a joint-stock company Management the Petersburg telephone system repeatedly declared intention to transform the company and to make its regional communications service provider. With that end in view last year the joint-stock company " has been founded; telekominvest which should become holding further. The first regional enterprise created telekominvestom there was an operator of cellular communication in Petrozavodsk of joint-stock company the Alpha a Telecom . Past week signalmen declared the beginning of commercial operation of a cellular network of Petrozavodsk and new plans of joint-stock company telekominvest .

the Petersburg telephone system is almost completely supervised by the joint-stock company with the same name. Besides, joint-stock company PTS Is the founder of several joint ventures which services in various areas of communication render. He/she is the operator of cellular communication Delta a Telecom the paging company neda Paging operators of a network chipovyh payphones (joint-stock company the Petersburg payphones ) and the digital imposed telephone system (joint-stock company Peterstar ) And also the publishing house which is letting out telephone directories All Petersburg and the factory specialising on manufacture of a telephone cable together with firm Nokia. All this economy operating under the aegis of PTS, serves mainly city subscribers.
last year joint-stock company PTS has created the company telekominvest souchreditelem which the joint-stock company " has acted also; Sankt - the Petersburg long-distance and international phone (SPB MMT). By the way, PTS the large share holding of this joint-stock company belongs. Thanks to creation telekominvesta PTS has received indirect control and over the second Petersburg cellular operator, the company severo - Western GSM and also over the company Inter-regional transit - a Telecom (SPB MMT is their shareholder). By the end of 1995 of a branch a family tree The joint-stock company formed by affiliated companies PTS have reached Petrozavodsk.
on December, 5th last year in Petrozavodsk pre-production operation of the cellular network which operator became created " has begun; telekominvestom the company the Alpha a Telecom (the number of its founders included also the Karelian joint-stock company Telecommunication ) . Originally in region cellular communication was given by company Telecom Finland which served not numerous clients through the station in Finland. Its services did not use special demand: to call the to the neighbour in Petrozavodsk, the subscriber had to pay for long-distance negotiations on a scale of charges of the Finnish company, that is about 7 Finnish marks in a minute of conversation. Now communication in region is carried out basically through the Petersburg station MTH of the company Delta a Telecom thus the price of one minute of conversation has fallen to 4 Finnish marks.
subscribers in Petrozavodsk have the Petersburg numbers of the company Delta a Telecom . Since February between Petrozavodsk and Petersburg the system of so-called cross-section communication which will allow townspeople to speak with each other will be established, without typing an intercity . Thus cost of one minute of conversation, predictably, still will go down. telekominvest this year plans to establish station MTH directly in Petrozavodsk that will allow to lower considerably a monthly fee and to provide cellular communication of Petrozavodsk with Kondopoga.
before to begin realisation of the Petrozavodsk project, telekominvest has conducted marketing research of the market of cellular communication in Severo - the Western region of Russia and in the Petrozavodsk. According to research, between Petersburg and Petrozavodsk there are adjusted economic relations - many enterprises of Kareliya work with the Petersburg banks. Despite the general tendency of decrease in level of incomes of the population, it is possible to assert that now there is a class of potential consumers of cellular communication. Their number in Kareliya makes from 500 to 1000 persons.
now the Alpha a Telecom serves about hundred subscribers. According to experts telekominvesta Decrease will allow to increase number of subscribers by 20 % of the prices for services of cellular communication by spring of this year to 300.
Declaring branch creation in Petrozavodsk, telekominvest does not advertise volume of investments into this project. It is remarkable that the first company of cellular communication created PTS and American firm US West, - Delta a Telecom - has been founded basically on means of the foreign partner. For financing of the new project telekominvest uses the profit received from activity of large branches PTS.
Connection to a cellular network the Alpha a Telecom there are now $650, while for similar service of the company Delta a Telecom in the beginning of its work clients had to pay on $1995. telekominvest intend to create this year the enterprises similar the Alpha a Telecom In Kaliningrad and Novgorod and also to found joint-stock company beta a Telecom in Pskov.