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The astrological forecast

Wednesday, on January, 31st


Today good day - relations of planets are rather harmonious. The basic astrological event today the such: Merkury began to move clockwise, in the general rhythm with other planets. It means that the period characterised by complexities in trade, and also problems comes to the end at negotiating.
if since January, 9th your affairs went not so well in your celestial map influence of Merkurija is strong. You should correct the plans when this planet again will move counter-clockwise (next time it will occur from May, 4 till May, 27th).
this Wednesday there comes the period of general activity. In general February will demand from you considerable pressure of forces. You should work and prepare for any unexpectedness much.
Today trading operations well should go - heads of firms should track their course personally. It is possible to conclude contracts on deliveries of a large consignment of goods, and also to check movement of cargoes.
men should listen to councils of women (they are extremely exact) or to go on important negotiations together with the assistant.
pay attention to the appearance - how you will look, the success in affairs in many respects depends. The clothes in the soft, muffled tones are preferable.
day approaches for reasonable risk. However it is not necessary to overestimate the forces. Besides there is a danger that you will lose sense of proportion.
favorable time for business trips (first of all foreign). You can easily agree with foreign business partners.
in private life all is fine - love and mutual understanding. Spend more time alone with favourite or go with them on a party.
Issues will give to you huge pleasure. There you can get new acquaintances.
this Wednesday - excellent day for the Sagittarius who has born under signs, Aquarius and Twins, and here to Cancers, this day can seem to Maidens, Scorpions and Capricorns too emotional.