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Victor Yushchenko is disturbed by growth onkozabolevany

Today, on February, 4th, the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko in the performance at National institute of a cancer on the occasion of the World day of struggle against a cancer has declared necessity of creation of a uniform network on struggle against oncological diseases.
the cancer is an international problem - the head of the state has told and has underlined, what exactly therefore the Ukrainian system should be integrated into the world.

the president also has noticed that Ukraine has started to realise the program on struggle against a cancer, and within the limits of this program the institute one year ago has been created. At the same time Victor Yushchenko has added that for today there is the big problem an absence of coordination between different institutes which prosecute this subjects.

one more important task for institute the president named a question of propagation of a healthy way of life. As he said, 40 % of oncological diseases are connected with a way of life and misunderstanding of how to minimise for themselves risks onkozabolevanija.