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In London tried to break relay race of Olympic fire

Today, on April, 6th, in London along the line relay races of Olympic fire there were some collisions of police with the Protibetan demonstrators.
the first collision has arisen right after start at stadium of Wembley where three demonstrators have been detained. Everything, according to police, 10 persons are arrested.

in spite of the fact that the Olympic fire is in a dense environment nearby well prepared 30 representatives of the country - the organizer of the Olympic Games in Beijing, and also peace officers on bicycles and motorcycles, such safety measures have not prevented one of demonstrators at fire approach to the centre of London almost closely to steal up to a torch and to seize it. However, police officers managed to prevent attempt to extinguish the Olympic fire.

According to capital guards, about thousand representatives of the various Protibetan and Antichinese organisations intend to spend today protest actions during the London relay race. The greatest number of policemen is concentrated now at the British museum where numerous barriers are established. One of the largest demonstrations there is expected.

all in operation on maintenance of protection of relay race participate more than 2 tys peace officers. Bob Brodherst meanwhile heading operation has warned that illegal attempts will prevent relay race carrying out to be stopped resolutely.