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Inhabitants of Kakhovka and Tsjurupinska remained without heat

Today, on February, 5th, in a press - to service of Department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures in the Kherson area have informed that the thermal power station of two cities is disconnected from gas supply - Kakhovka and Tsjurupinska, without heat remained ten thousand people.
According to the message, the switching-off reason - debts for the consumed natural gas. Since February, 4th boiler-houses 1,2,3,4,5 " do not work; Kahovteplokommunenergo therefore there were without a heat supply of 6 schools, 3 kindergartens, 153 many-storeyed apartment houses.

this very day Tsjurupinsky branch of Open Society Hersongaz has stopped giving of natural gas teplopostavljajushchim to organisations Tsjurupinska (GKK the Heating engineer GKP TSjurupinsk - teplokommunenergo ) From - for considerable debts for the consumed gas.

all medical, preschool and general educational institutions of a city receive heat from own independent boiler-houses. Without a heat supply there were 68 high-rise buildings.

the quantity of inhabitants which remained without heat, is specified in connection with a significant amount of the apartments, passed to an independent mode of heating. Total of the population of Tsjurupinska of 30 thousand persons.