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DTEK will challenge cancellation of the decision of meeting of shareholders Dneproenergo

Today, on April, 8th, Donbass toplivno - the power company ( DTEK ) Has declared intention to challenge the decision of the Supreme court of Ukraine (VSU), the Zaporozhye appeal economic court which have upheld the decision on a recognition void all decisions of meeting of shareholders of Open Society Dneproenergo from August, 27th, 2007.
we expect that today`s decision VSU, will be challenged in the European courts which are not subject to pressure and influence and are reliably protected from a lobby financially - industrial groups - it is told in the statement DTEK .

In the document it is noticed that today`s decision VSU returns power generating company in a condition of bankruptcy and starts to infinite corporate conflicts which will threaten power safety of our country . According to the company, today`s decision VSU has removed without day the beginning of the scale investment program and became a part carefully prepared rejderskoj attacks .

Interfax - Ukraine