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The ministry wants to simplify building state financing

Today, on February, 5th, it became known that the Ministry of Economics has suggested to lift the minimum threshold of the state share of financing of objects of the building which coordination of titles occurs at government level, to 100 thousand grn to 200 thousand grn.
This offer is stated in the project of changes published yesterday by the Ministry of Economics in the Order of the statement of titles of constructions (obektov) which building occurs to attraction of budgetary funds or means of state enterprises.

this order confirmed by the governmental order 995 from September, 8th, 1997, provides that depending on the state share sum, the coordination of objects of building at level of the Cabinet, local authorities or managements of state enterprises.

As it is marked in the explanatory note to the document, in connection with a rise in prices for building, for last 1,5 years the quantity of building objects for which coordination of titles the government statement is necessary has sharply increased.

in turn, local authorities will co-ordinate titles of objects with a state share from 60 thousand grn to 200 thousand grn (now - from 30 thousand grn to 100 thousand grn). If the share of budgetary financing in building of object does not reach 60 thousand grn, the coordination will occur at level of a management of state enterprises.

a title - the document on which there is a support and financing of building to a state share.