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Stanik withdraws the signatures under documents KS

Today, on April, 7th, Sjuzanna Stanik has declared that temporarily withdraws the signatures under documents of the Constitutional court from April, 22nd, till April, 3rd, 2008 to the decision of a question on legality of the decree of the president on its dismissal.
in circulation to head and judges KS madam Stanik reminds that president Victor Yushchenko has published on April, 3rd, 2008 the decree which has cancelled the decree of the president from March, 25th, 2004 about appointment as its judge KS.

She has noticed that decrees of the president of Ukraine are obligatory to execution in territory of Ukraine . Madam Stanik declares that it the citizen of Ukraine, judge KS always carried out, I carry out and I will carry out the Constitution, laws, decrees of the president therefore is obliged to execute and the decree of the president from April, 3rd, 2008 .

In this connection Sjuzanna Stanik declared that it temporarily withdraws all signatures under documents KS which have been voted and signed by it since April, 22nd, 2004 and till April, 3rd, 2008 for the decision in the order of a question of conformity of the decree of the president of the Constitution established by the legislation and to laws.

it is deeply convinced that KS can realise the high powers of uniform body of the constitutional jurisdiction and deserves deep respect from the president of Ukraine and representatives of all branches of the power of Ukraine - it is told in circulation.

Interfax - Ukraine