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In Sevastopol have spent a protest action against a cruiser of the USA

Today, on March, 3rd, about 200 supporters of Socialist party, Communist party, Natalia Vitrenko`s Block and of some the Prorussian public organisations protested against cruiser calling the Dignity - Dzhasinto military - naval forces of the USA in port of Sevastopol.
the ship was included into port nearby 8:30 Monday. Demonstrators had control over flags of the parties and slogans Down with the NATO! NATO - go home! the Yankee - gou houm! . Besides, picketers have expressed the support to the Sevastopol city council which on January, 29th current year declared Sevastopol territory without the NATO.

it is necessary to notice that the visit schedule of the American cruiser provides legal meetings of command of the ship in city state administration and command of Naval Forces of Ukraine, and also fact-finding excursions on a city, sports competitions on football with the Ukrainian seamen.

on termination of visit outside of maritime belt of Ukraine the cruiser of Naval Forces of the USA and one of the ships of Naval Forces of Ukraine will spend joint maneuvering of type PASSEKS.

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