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KS has approved centralisation architecturally - building sphere ARK

Today, on February, 10th, the Constitutional court (KS) recognised as constitutional delegation of power on realisation architecturally - building control in Crimea from Inspection state architecturally - building control of Crimea to territorial body State architecturally - building inspection.
KS motivated the decision with that granting to Crimea of powers on realisation architecturally - building control is the right of the state and occurs by adoption of law, and returning of these powers to enforcement authorities State architecturally - to building inspection and its territorial bodies is carried out also by the law.

thus the court has stopped manufacture on business concerning check on conformity of the Constitution ch. 2 items 31 of the law About local government in Ukraine Concerning an exception of the competence of executive powers of local councils of granting of the permission to carrying out of the certain works connected with building.

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