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The Supreme Rada has opened morning plenary session

Today, on April, 8th, the chairman of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine Arseny Jatsenjuk has opened morning plenary session.
in a hall 447 deputies were registered. After registration in electronic system the speaker has addressed to deputies with the request necessarily to be registered in a written order that there were legislative grounds to consider their present on session.

opening session, mister Jatsenjuk has noticed that in connection with the decision of the Constitutional court on a recognition unconstitutional decisions about regulations Are glad parliament will to be guided in the activity by norms of the Constitution.

It is planned that at today`s session the information of parliamentary time court of inquiry on investigation of possible infringements of the Constitution and laws will be heard by the mayor of Kharkov Michael Dobkinym and the secretary of the Kharkov city council Gennady Kernesom.

Also It is glad intend to consider the problem on inclusion in the agenda of session of the bill on the organisation and an order of the activity and the decision project about the regulations.

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