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Group DF asks NBU to enter external management into bank Nadra

Today, on February, 10th, the holding company Group DF (Austria) belonging to Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Firtashu, has addressed to National bank (NBU) with the request to enter external management in entering into group of the largest bank Nadra .
As the bank " is marked in message Group DF; Nadra became the hostage of war which against the chairman of directors Group DF Dmitry Firtasha is conducted by the prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko.

the group management underlines that Group DF and was not a part of shareholders of bank and does not take participation in management of establishment. According to the message, the reason of it was counteraction from legal structures which hold the register of shareholders and are close to the government.

Group DF also confirms that all means which have been given bank Nadra Under the program of refinancing NBU, have been used only for a covering of current obligations and payment of bank deposits that proves to be true the corresponding report of auditor company KPMG.

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