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Babenko intend to appeal against against an exception of Party of Regions

Today, on February, 10th, the mayor of Simferopol Gennady Babenko has declared that intends to appeal against against the exception of Party of Regions (PR) at Political bureau session.
there is variety of procedures which give the chance to me to report objectively an essence of occurring processes, and let the Political bureau of the Central Committee makes the decision - mister Babenko has declared.

As he said, split in PR occurs from - for disagreements of party members concerning the state building and development of local governments that disturbs the central party leadership.

according to mister Babenko, after its exception and chairman Sovmina of Crimea Victor Plakidy of party to People`s Deputy Vasily Kiselyov mistrust by city and regional organisations PR in Crimea has been expressed the leader of regional organisation PR.

It and the Lenin party organisation, and Belogorsky, Dzhankojsky, Yalta city and variety of others - Gennady Babenko has declared. Thus it has admitted that republican party conference of AVENUE

" will be soon called; the Ukrainian news