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In Sevastopol will pass a referendum about mistrust of the state administration

Today, on April, 8th, deputies of the Sevastopol City Council have made the decision on carrying out of a local referendum on mistrust of the Sevastopol city state administration (SGGA).
results of the check spent UMVD in Sevastopol became the Basis for referendum carrying out. As deputy chief UMVD Gleb Melnichenko has informed, during check a number of the facts of illegal tap of the earth in the city territory on which five criminal cases " have been raised has been established;.

According to the deputy of the City Council Peter Kudryashov, management SGGA took part in schemes of distribution of land bypassing City Council decisions .

the Right of rent to the earth costs today a fantastic sum and when without auctions the earth is transferred to the rent right, the direct damage sevastopoltsam is caused, and it has made already more than three mlrd grn - The chairman of city council Valery Saratov has declared at session. As he said referendum carrying out will cost 600 - 700 thousand grn .

In turn, the chairman Sevastopol GGA Sergey Kunitsyn has declared that the decision of the City Council has under itself no any legal basis . the Administration (SGGA-) will operate according to the legislation, the decision (about referendum appointment-) will be protested in a judicial order, and also through Office of Public Prosecutor - he has noted.