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The Chernovetsky has accused Balogu of misinformation of the president

Today, on February, 11th, the Kiev city chairman Leonid Chernovetsky has accused the head of secretary of president Victor Balogu that it misinforms president Victor Yushchenko about activity of the mayor of Kiev.
I with all responsibility address to the president of Ukraine as to head SNBO: irresponsible, ungirdled Baloga became threat of national safety of Ukraine - my native land. Its actions are necessary for considering at session SNBO and to state them the most severe estimation - the mister Chernovetsky has told.

here the main thing - criminal acts which are very similar to usual treachery " is traced not simply signs of misinformation of the president, but also corruption, and; - the mayor has underlined.

Making comments on Victor Balogi`s reference in the State Office of Public Prosecutor concerning numerous default of the decree of the head of the state about cancellation of tariffs for utilities for legal bodies, Leonid Chernovetsky has told that it to checks has got used .

Office of Public Prosecutor from now on, I hope, itself will be engaged in mister Balogoj - the mayor has told. where these petty officials - Baloga and Shlapak (Alexander Shlapak, zamglavy secretary of the president), terrorising the country, and where - the Kiev community - the mayor has added.

Interfax - Ukraine