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SNBO has charged to check up legality of gas arrangements

Today, on February, 11th, the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko has installed the National Security council and defence decision (SNBO) which has charged to the State Office of Public Prosecutor and SBU to inspect observance by the Ukrainian officials of the legislation at negotiation and the conclusion with Russia of the contracts, concerning deliveries of natural gas to Ukraine and its transit to the European consumers.
thus the State Office of Public Prosecutor and SBU should check up also observance of an order of preparation and the statement of instructions on negotiations, and also observance of instructions at negotiation.

Besides, according to decision SNBO, the general public prosecutor within February - April, 2009 should spend checks of observance of legality by granting by the Ministry of protection of surrounding environment of licences for extraction of natural gas; at extraction and realisation of gas of own extraction by subjects of managing; At investigation of the criminal cases raised during 2007 - 2009 on the facts of fulfilment of crimes in sphere of extraction and gas realisation.