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Opening of celebrating 850 - letija Moscow

Walk, Moscow, a holiday have opened
  Opening of celebrating 850 - letija Moscow

Walk, Moscow, a holiday have opened

the Holiday in Moscow has begun. All city - the big scenic platform. Each Muscovite - jubiljar. Official opening of celebrating 850 - letija cities Yesterday has taken place. With details DMITRY - PAVELS and ILYA - NAGIBIN.

Zachistka of territory
For two hours prior to the beginning of holiday opening ceremony on the Tver area seemed that this time the semi-official organ will not be. To the people it was full. Veterans - at awards and medals. Spectators took places on a tribune for visitors, were photographed against Yury Dolgorukogo`s monument. Strangers congratulated each other. Establishing publicity boards workers and militiamen who dragged protecting lattices, to it did not disturb.
but illusion the major of militia who was keeping order on the area has dispelled. minutes through twenty we will begin zachistku territories, - he has chilly told. It became soon clear that he meant. In the beginning have partitioned off Tver. The gaishnyj trailer has picked up the crane and has taken away left someone the Zhiguli . Then began to expel people. Two ten militiamen a system have entered on spectator tribunes and have demanded to release places. Many have obeyed. Someone has tried to resist, but unsuccessfully. It was especially insulting for the veteran of war who on lapels of an old jacket had many fighting awards. me have convinced that to me here not a place - rasstroenno he when the militiaman politely, but has persistently asked him to leave has complained. Standing in the distance from the area, he, probably, at all did not hear, how two hours later the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov thanked the soldiers who have defended Moscow in days of the Great Patriotic War.
to 18. 20 zachistka territories has been finished. Over Tver the unusual silence was established. Visitors who waited began to be tightened. Another had to reach on foot - their official cars on Tver have not passed. To 19. 00 all have taken the places. President Yeltsin, patriarch Alex II and Yury Luzhkov left a mayoralty building. Among other impressions Gennady Zyuganov has shared. the holiday remarkable, - has told it. - it is pleasant that Moscow has received good gifts in the form of a temple of the Christ of the Savior, interesting statements at theatres. All is made well .

Models were pleasant more heroes
Ceremony has begun with procession of standard-bearers in clothes of Old Russian heroes. Each banner symbolised a certain epoch in the history of Moscow. Special revival has caused occurrence of a flag with the arms of Moscow which was born by ten long-legged models. Everyone represented one of capital districts. About it Boris Yeltsin even something has told to Luzhkov. That in the answer it agree has nodded.
at last on a tribune there was a mayor of capital. He has thanked heads of the country that have arrived on celebrating of anniversary of Moscow. The small agiotage on the VIP - a tribune was caused by a mention of a surname of premieres - the minister. It should arrive, but has not arrived. When his name has been said, Yeltsin and many from present with astonishment have looked back. And only Evgenie Primakov with skill has negatively shaken a head.
having finished speech, Luzhkov has suggested to open celebrating. In 19. 17 banner of Moscow has been solemnly lifted on a flagstaff that should mean: to capital 850 years were executed. The song " has begun to sound; My dear capital .
Then on the area representation in style " has been played; Here Russian spirit, here smells as Russia . In breaks the president of Russia, patriarch Alex II, head of the Moscow thought Vladimir Platonov acted. All spoke about Moscow. Also thanked Luzhkov. And Luzhkov under sounds of a military orchestra declared that Moscow has an occasion well to take a walk in these days off.