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The Olympic Games - 2004: Athenes

Athena, 2004
  the Olympic Games - 2004: Athenes

Athena, 2004

Capital 28 - h summer Olympic games, contrary to the majority of forecasts, Athena steel. It is known now and exact date of carrying out of Games: they will pass from August, 13 till August, 28th, 2004. Russia the choice made members the IOC, not too pleases is means that nominees of Moscow and St.-Petersburg become not checkpoints, and to expose them on the summer Olympic Games of 2008 there is no sense.

Directly ceremony of elections of the capital of the Olympic games of 2004 passed so. 55 minutes were given to each candidate to praise the city. First three - Stockholm, Cape Town and Athenes - the time used basically on that by means of graphic means - computer graphics and video data to underline the advantages. Swedes have informed that if their city the Olympic Games will be spent in the conditions of the world and calmness will be selected. As the proof they have informed on arrest of one of the terrorists enclosing in capital of Sweden bombs under the Olympic objects (see also a heading Sheets ) .
However in comparison with performance of the following candidate the message of Swedes was something like reading of the railway schedule. Cape Town represented picturesque Nelson Mandela who persuaded the IOC to spend Games in Africa because in their Africa before never was. five Olympic rings symbolise five continents, but the Olympic Games were never spent at us - the president of the republic of South Africa after which performance of halls has burst in an applause spoke. From members the IOC, apparently, for a long time defined in the preferences, the whole turn wishing was built to shake hands with Mandela.
Athenes has approached to a question on - business: have tried not to remember that they founders of the Olympic games, and instead pressed that at all of them is perfectly ready to carrying out of competitions top-level.
the president of Argentina Carlos Menem mostly relied on the eloquence. The main argument of its ten-minute speech: The demand of Buenos - Ajresa is a demand not only Argentina, but also all Latin America. Then the president has shown to members the IOC slides with images of mountains, falls and streets Buenos - Ajresa. Sports objects on slides almost was not.
Rome has brought the person with a voice more put, than at the president of Argentina. Luchano Pavarotti has to begin with caused anxiety organizers of ceremony, without having been located in a usual armchair. It was necessary to search for an armchair more. Having arranged in it, Pavarotti has told such phrase: Rome is always ready to the Olympic Games, and by 2004 it will be supergotov . President IAAF who has replaced him of Primo Nebiolo has declared: We not only can perfectly organise Games, but also provide to visitors worthy reception. I guarantee that all who is involved in the Olympic Games organisation, will try very much to please .
After that members the IOC have left on voting. The winner should collect more half of votes - 54, thus, that electors was 107. 44 from them represented Europe, 21 - America, 20 - Africa, 17 - Asia, 5 - Australia and Ocenia. If any of cities did not type 54 voices, the candidate to whom have preferred the least number of members the IOC was eliminated, and voting began on the new. It was supposed that the majority of members the IOC from Europe, Americas and Africa will support representatives of the continents, Australians will vote for whom want, and Asia - for the European cities. The matter is that the international Olympic committee has been adjusted to give the Olympic games either 2004, or 2008 to Europe, and Asians not against to hold the Olympic Games - 2008 at themselves.
In 20. 30 Moscow time the commission left and declared: Athenes. So the IOC has returned to Greece dolzhok to eight-year prescription when instead of Athenes the capital of the Olympic games - 96 has selected Atlanta considered as the outsider. And now members the IOC prokatili the favourite - to it before elections almost unconditionally admitted Rome.
election of Athenes means that the Olympic games of 2008 will pass not in Europe. It is bad news to Russia which was going to expose the candidate on these Olympic Games or Moscow, or St.-Petersburg. The indirect demonstration that will select capital of Games of 2004 the European city, there was an event which has occurred a day before voting. The IOC named a venue of the session of 2001 Moscow. And after all by rules the IOC, the country applying for the Olympic Games, has no right to accept session of the International Olympic committee.