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To the Chechen Republic take the weapon

In Tersky area Kabardino - Balkarii are detained four armed inhabitants of the Chechen Republic. At check on a check point “ Tashkent “ two from them have shown certificates of lieutenants of internal service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Chechen Republic, one more - the captain of security service, at the fourth documents was not. Allowing documents on weapon carrying was not at one of Chechens. Therefore from them have withdrawn Kalashnikov`s two automatic machines with the cut butts and 90 cartridges to them. There is begun an investigation.
“ Interfax “

the bribe taker
In Kirov Is detained at bribe reception the local policeman October ROVD the lieutenant of militia Tihonin is detained. For $500 the local policeman promised to the local resident decision removal about refusal in excitation against it criminal case for drawing of a beating. The officer of militia has been detained during operation “ Clean hands “.
“ Interfax “

self-court Attempt in Dagestan
About 200 relatives of killed townsman Izberbash in Dagestan have demanded to give out to them for self-court suspected of a crime. The crowd of relatives picketed a building of local administration, demanding, besides delivery of suspects, a meeting with the head of administration. About 15 women, having broken a windowpane and having pushed aside a police squad, have got into a building. After “ explanatory work “ they were vyprovozhdeny, other gathered have dispersed.
“ Interfax “

about five o`clock in the evening around village the Stone in Belarus Were lost on July, 1st the bus which carried the Belarus children to Belgium has had an accident. In the bus belonging to the Belgian firm “ Ekselsior Trevel Kompani “ there was 71 child. Four children were lost, three are sent in resuscitation of a city Kobrin, 59 children have got traumas of different severity level.
children from a city of the Belarus city of Retchitsa went in the area of independent welfare fund “ the World. Contact. Chernobyl “ on treatment to Belgium. At the wheel the bus there was a Belgian driver. According to preliminary data, the driver did not exceed speed. Failure has happened from - that the road was wet. On a scene the first deputy minister of internal affairs of Belarus Yury Tarabrin and the director of welfare fund who suited a trip have taken off. On July, 2nd deputies of the Supreme body 13 - go convocation have accepted the statement in which have demanded from the authorities not to have holidays on the occasion of 930 - letija a city of Minsk and to declare mourning in connection with  destruction of children.
Olga Tomashevsky

the Unknown blackmailer terrorises large firm
In police of Riga the person who was called as Victor has called, and has informed that it has prepared explosion of the Riga hotels “ Latvia “ and “ Metropol “. From hotels all people have been evacuated, but the explosive was revealed not. The police believes that calling is the same blackmailer whom long time terrorises latvijsko - the Norwegian company “ Varner Baltic “ owning the largest department stores of Riga, demanding from it more than one million US dollars. In default the companies “ Varner Baltic “ to pay money the blackmailer promised to blow up a number of objects, among which chain store system and foreign diplomatic representatives, in particular, the Norwegian embassy. In May the explosive enclosed by it in men`s wear store " has already been neutralised; Dressman “ in the centre of Riga. Preventions of explosions in hotels the blackmailer named subsequently “ educational alarm “.
RIA “ News “

Academicians do not have not enough money
Yesterday some honeycombs of Russian scientists has held meeting at walls of the House of the government of Russia, protesting against disorder of a domestic science. If the situation with financing of the Russian Academy of Sciences does not improve, scientists consider, the country will lose the scientific potential. For last five years collectives of the Russian Academy of Sciences have decreased in tens times from - for reductions of shots and their outflow abroad. The average salary of academicians makes 400 thousand rbl. Nevertheless while scientists are not going suit mass protest actions.
RIA “ News “

GAI has declared war to flashers
Only for one days in Moscow 37 cars on which were illegally used spetssignaly are revealed: flashers, sirens, spetsfary and militian staffs. Among them six cars of law-enforcement bodies, cars of the military commissioner of Moscow Region, the deputy of the State Duma Pavel Bunich, the representative of Buryatiya in Moscow, cars Mosobltransa and of some commercial structures. The permission to installation spetssignalov have no more than 200 officials, and also a number of cars spetssvjazi. To struggle with unapproved flashers to inspectors of GAI it is difficult enough, as the persons possessing any inviolability use them basically. However the car inspection intends and to combat further illegal installation spetssignalov.
RIA “ News “

the OMON has detained fans “ the Dynamo “ and “ Spartaka “
In Moscow during a football match “ the Dynamo “ - “ Spartak “ on which was present 20 thousand persons, for infringement of a public order militiamen have detained 952 fans. 600 from them have been delivered in the nearest police stations because of the strongest alcoholic intoxication. After the game termination at stadium and territory adjoining to it there were skirmishes between fans.
Sergey Serafimov

Judge room swindlers
Management on especially important issues of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia has finished investigation of criminal case against a gang which were engaged in swindle with a living space. Throughout several years criminals have deprived of apartments, a residence permit and documents of 24 inhabitants of Moscow. One Muscovite for the purpose of crime concealment has been killed. To criminals plunder of documents from premises of the Kiev and Solntsevsky bureau of an exchange of a living space of agency " also is charged; moszhilservis “. In a criminal liability it is involved eight persons. Business is directed to the Supreme court of Russia.
RIA “ News “

Muscovites sink
From the beginning of a beach season in reservoirs of Moscow 48 persons have sunk. According to an urban service of the fast and urgent medical aid, the first case utoplenija is registered on May, 14th. Despite cold May, in the end of spring 10 persons have sunk. With approach of hot weather began to sink more: in June 38 cases are registered.
“ Interfax “

Passengers of a train #24 demand the insurance
to Troy passengers from among victims past Friday during explosion in a fast train #24 Moscow - St.-Petersburg have addressed for monetary indemnification in the Baltic insurance company. To each of them will pay indemnification at a rate of 400 thousand roubles. Then the insurance will be given out all passengers got wounds at explosion and having insurance policies. The sizes of payments will depend on weight of the received traumas. The management of the Baltic insurance company intends to give out also to successors of the lost 20 % from the insurance sum - on 5 million roubles. Other money will be paid later.
“ Interfax “