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The international commodity markets

the Prices of the basic exchange goods at the international stock exchanges
  the International commodity markets

the Prices of the basic exchange goods at the international stock exchanges

*Φενΰ on the middle of day.
** Evening fixing.
*** the Price of the buyer/ the seller.
**** 1000 wood foots = 2,36 cubic m.
***** In pounds sterling.
the Accepted reductions: ARA (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerpen) - the North European free market of oil, CBOT - Chicago Board of Trade (USA), CME - Chicago Mercantile Exchange (USA), COMEX - Commodity Exchange (USA), CSCE - Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa Exchange (USA), IPE - International Petroleum Exchange (Great Britain), LIFFE - London International Financial Futures Exchange (Great Britain), LME - London Metal Exchange (Great Britain), NYCE - New York Cotton Exchange (USA), NYMEX - New York Mercantile Exchange (USA).

Natural cataclysms continue to dictate the prices
On Friday at the auctions in London quotations of cocoa during trading session rose on level almost 10 - summer prescription. Participants of the market still are afraid that from - for consequences of influence of the climatic factor “ the Ale - Nino “ the new crop of cocoa can be reduced c 1,2 million t to 950 thousand t. In this case deficiency of cocoa - beans in the world market, this year already made 450 thousand t, will double.
oil and oil products have slightly gone up in price from - for fears that in Caribbean sea hurricane “ Eric “ threatens to complicate transportation gorjuche - lubricants in the USA. In the end of a summer automobile season interest of brokers to petrol contracts a little poostyl. On the other hand, the cold season comes nearer, and analysts expect seasonal increase of demand for boiler fuel.
on CME the prices for wood of building grades continue to fall. Pressingovymi factors had appeared both expansion of share sales, and seasonal closing by brokers of short positions. Besides, the role extremely low consumer demand which has caused overstocking of the market by finished goods of the sawing enterprises has played.
quotations of September soya contracts have grown on 16 cents at the auctions in Chicago after the message that Brazil is going to buy a soya in the USA.