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Have opened the Historical museum

the Historical museum it was slightly opened
  Have opened the Historical museum

the Historical museum was slightly opened

official opening of the State historical museum Today will take place. Opens a museum of premieres - the minister of the Russian Federation Victor Tchernomyrdin. On September, 10th the input for general public, however will be opened while will be accessible only 13 of 47 halls.

the State historical museum which has noted in this year 125 - letie, opens after 11 - summer reconstruction at once upon termination of celebrating of anniversary of Moscow. This coincidence, according to workers of a museum, became happy. Visited museum on March, 24th this year the prime minister - minister Tchernomyrdin has disposed to renew financing of works on reconstruction to date opening GIM for the Moscow celebrations. On September, 9th it will be opened the first stage a museum.
on taken place on Monday a press - conferences director GIM Alexander Shkurko has informed that forces of Mospromstroja and the Republican museum centre restore initial shape of interiors 13 of 47 halls of a museum. The expositions containing 9000 subjects, have taken place on 8200 sq. m (a total area of halls of a museum - 18 800 sq.). Are restored a miracle of technics of a XIX-th century - a hoist engine (the glass lift) and lists of the Smart outer entrance hall, zashtukaturennye in 1937 - the Family tree of grand dukes and sovereigns Russian . However, the input in a shade from Red Square will not open, for visitors the new input is made from journey of Voskresensky gate.
the Director of a museum has expressed hope that the museum can be opened completely in 2000. The second turn it is planned to put into operation epoch . The present exposition is placed according to a plan of authors of the scientific concept of a museum of the count of Ampere-second. Uvarova and historian I.E.Zabelin: everyone an epoch occupies a separate hall with the unique decor. An innovation, according to a museum management, becomes possibility to touch some exhibits - reception, for a long time and successfully applied in museums of Europe and the USA.
the museum management believes that while there is no need for creation of the constant exposition shining history of Russia of the XX-th century. The director has declared that it the categorical opponent cultivated in 60 - 70 - e years of consolidation of expositions at the expense of introduction of sections of history of capitalism and imperialism in Russia. However Alexander Shkurko intends to convince a management of Moscow and the government of Russia In necessity to attach to a complex of the Historical museum a building of a museum of Lenin. For now time exhibitions will be devoted to contemporary history events.
except a constant exposition in eight halls (the period from the Stone Age till XII century), the museum has prepared for opening some thematic exhibitions. In three Byzantian halls the exhibition " settles down; Relics of history of the Russian State representing marks of the most important events for 1000 of the Russian statehood . In 21 - the m to a hall opens an exhibition Moscow and the Greek culture XIV - XVIII centuries . And in halls of Voskresensky gate it is placed two exhibitions - Andronikovo the Gospel of the beginning of VII century and Sacred the Moscow Russia .