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Maxim Bojko has smartly reported

has filled up middle class
  has smartly reported

Maxim Bojko has filled up middle class

One more high-ranking civil servant has informed of the public the information on the incomes and property. The debt has executed vitse - the prime minister and chairman GKI Maxim Bojko. Judging by the declaration, to Boris Berezovsky newly made vitse - to the prime minister it is far, but also needy it you will not name.

Maxim Bojko`s Income for last year at all amazes imagination (344 million 266 thousand rbl.) Especially if to consider that it is more than half a year headed the Russian centre of privatisation. Activity RTSP all time of its existence was accompanied by improbable hearings most entertaining of which was the size of salaries of employees of the centre. On hearings, level of incomes of authorised representatives of the director was that that they had possibility monthly to buy to themselves new cars.
however as it has appeared, evil tongues have strongly exaggerated appeal of work in RTSP. The director of the centre who till August, 1996 was Maxim Bojko, received less than 20 million rbl. a month, that is in 1996 as the salary it has received 121 million 400 thousand rbl. However in the taxable income it in addition very considerable sum which news agencies have christened as " has been included; other charges . The Most part of 137 million 359 thousand rbl. was made by awards and the travelling and living expenses exceeding limits, established by the Ministry of Finance. Besides, RTSP carefully paid sick-lists of the director and did surcharges to holiday, and also has supported in connection with a birth of the child.
profitable activity (69 million 435 thousand) For Maxim Bojko of a steel of lecture which it, being director RTSP, read abroad (in the USA where there live his parents). It is possible to note Maxim Bojko`s extreme success on this field. For comparison we will result such fact: the average income of the professor of decent American university makes about $80 thousand a year. It is obvious that Maxim Bojko last year was quoted considerably above.
in a post zamglavy presidential administration has smartly earned a little - rbl. all by 14 million 4 thousand But his career was successful - year of training in administration has seemed to Anatoly Chubays quite sufficient term to make Smartly vitse - the prime minister.
has not enriched Maxim Bojko and in commercial bank - the income for a year has made a premise of means for the deposit of rbl. all by 2 million 68 thousand Payment of 111 million 930 thousand rbl. of surtax, probably, too did not deliver it special pleasure (RTSP as the western companies, paid to the employees not cleared From taxes the salary and to pay taxes or not to pay, experts should solve independently).
in general, also there is especially nothing to be consoled Smartly: the big incomes it is not expected, and except three-room apartment (the area of 83 sq. m and cost according to BTI 194 million 295 thousand rbl.) there is nothing to sell. However dry figures of the tax declaration do not consider that rather small vitse - premerskaja the salary can pay off subsequently with interest.