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Presentation Ruhrgas in Rostov

Ruhrgas has presented to townspeople an instructive toy

Thought on necessity of carrying out in Russia an active policy of power savings already for a long time sounds in performances of government officials, figures TEKa, scientists. However serious practical steps to this direction neither on federal, nor at regional level does not become yet. On this background the program of economy of the gas, organised and sponsored in Russia the German company Ruhrgas became the appreciable phenomenon. One of its first real results on Wednesday has been presented in Rostov - on Don. It is 52 - the room apartment house equipped extremely economic for today with independent system of heating and hot water supply on natural gas.

the Program gazosberezhenija in Russia operates on the basis of the prisoner in 1992 of the cooperation agreement between Ruhrgas and joint-stock company Rosgazifikatsija . The German company has gratuitously allocated For its realisation DM10 million Program provides carrying out by experts Ruhrgas and its affiliated firms of researches of reserves of economy of gas in household and industrial sectors in Rostov - on Don, Samara, Stavropol, Nizhni Novgorod and Vladimir, the indicative equipment in these cities modern heating equipment of apartment houses and delivery of measuring devices to the enterprises, training of experts. The conducted researches have shown that in household sector at the expense of high technologies without damage to comfort it is possible to save 45 - 60 % of consumed gas. In the industry of reserves it is less, therefore on the average across Russia the economy potential makes 25 % or 100 mlrd 3 gas in a year - so much, how many is now exported to the far abroad. This volume is equivalent 20 - summer operation of a gas deposit with a stock 2 trln 3, but its development, extraction and transportation of fuel demand much bigger expenses, than carrying out of savings actions.
however and these actions nedeshevy. So, for the apartment house equipment in Rostov Ruhrgas in the educational purposes has spent approximately DM1 million But at the price of gas for the Russian population 20 000 rbl. for 1000 3 these expenses hardly when - that will pay off. So, also will save fuel nobody.
trustee Ruhrgas who has acted on presentation Rolf Bayer has illustrated power savings prospects in Russia with an effective example from German life. In the power program of Germany of 1973 it was predicted that power consumption by 1985 will increase in the country from 380 million to 610 million t conditional fuel in a year. However as a result of two energy crises in 1973 - 1974 and 1979 - 1980 of the price for energy carriers have sharply increased that has impulsed in working out and introduction of power saving up technologies. As a result by 1985 power consumption remains at level of 1973 though GNP of Germany has grown in this time more than on 30 %. Now the inhabitant of Germany pays for gas approximately in 65 times more, than Russia, as the stimulus to economy gives to it.
the works spent by the German company in Rostov, on advantage have been estimated by a local management. During taken place after presentation teplohodnoj walks across Don and visitings of a village Old Cherkassk (the first capital of area of the Army Don) g - n Bayer and the head of the program from party Ruhrgas Hans - Peter Gundermann on historical atamanskom a farmstead have been accepted in honourable Cossacks. Despite not youthful age, they have kept the good company in the Cossack dancings to participants of local folklore ensemble that has installed in present confidence - they with honour will carry this high rank.